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Fitness Friday: Learning to Love Yoga

By Fitnspicy @fitnspicy

My need to keep workouts interesting can be a bit of a challenge, hence why I do things like New Rules of Lifting, Best Body Bootcamp and more and more the past year, yoga. I have done so much  yoga. It has been a great stress reliever and I actually feel incredibly strong because of it.


It was not an instant love with yoga but more of a gradual acceptance that turned into love. From the occasional class at my gym to the 3-4 days per week at Core Power. Burning 600+ calories in an hour of sculpt to actually getting into advanced postures like birds of paradise and being so close to hurdlers this morning.


How I Learned to Love Yoga?

- Start slow. Go to a beginners class and take the time to learn the postures.

- Pick a studio that you feel comfortable at, are they friendly? Do they have classes that fit your schedule?

- Find an instructor you like, it makes class so much better!

- Take advantage of free weeks/classes. It helps you figure out what kind of studio is right for you.

- Try different styles, vinyasa, power, hatha, bikram, etc. You don’t know unless you try it!

- You don’t have to be flexible. You adjust postures to work for you. If you cant touch  your toes, who cares. It will happen eventually with a regular yoga practice.


Do I Need Fancy Accessories/Clothes?

- No. No. No.

- All you need is a mat, you can even buy one at TJ Maxx or Target.

- Once you decide on a style you may want a yoga towel (such as yogitoes or another brand)

- This is your experience and don’t ever compare it to someone else’s.


I picture our dogs doing yoga, especially since they are so good at downward dog



Fitness Friday: Learning to Love Yoga


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