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Fitness Friday: Insomnia and Lift Weights Faster 2

By Fitnspicy @fitnspicy

Friday! I am extra excited about that. We have a low key weekend planned and I need it. My insomnia has been rearing it’s ugly head lately and I am incredibly tired today. 3-4 hours of sleep a night (and not sound sleep) is not enough to function on. I have gotten away from my routine a bit and was up way too late last night watching basketball. We had gone to a wine tasting, went and grabbed some dinner and it was after 11:30 by the time I was asleep and then Henry was up at 3, 4, and 5. We could hear him banging his bowl in his room. Scott finally got up at 5 and fed him. Let’s just say I am dragging today!

My focus for this weekend is to get a few nights of good sleep! I am going back to what I know will work for me.

A few of the things that work:

  • Being in bed by 10pm each night
  • Keeping our room cool
  • Lavender on the feet
  • Wearing socks to bed, this one seems crazy but I swear it helps!

Even with horrible sleep I still got my workouts in this week and I am really proud of myself for not skipping them.

Monday: Off

Tuesday: Yoga Sculpt

Wednesday: Fitness Blender Cardio and a Lift Weights Faster 2 workout

Thursday: Yoga Sculpt

Friday: My plan is to do some 21 Day Fix Extreme Pilates tonight, I am SORE and need some stretching

Saturday: Planning on a longer cardio session and a Lift Weights Faster 2 workout

With my extreme workout ADD I have to switch it up to stay motivated. I recently finished a 12 week program and was looking for next thing. I heard about Lift Weights Faster 2 (and she lives in Minneapolis too) and I couldn’t wait to try it. I am a week in and LOVE it. Seriously love it. It’s fast paced workouts that challenge your entire body. Scott and I were doing one called The Hippy Hippy Shake. It’s only 3 moves: windmill (right and left), goblet squat, and single leg romanian deadlifts (right and left). Scott initially thought it would be too easy and by the time we were done he was laying on the gym floor saying he was already sore. Seriously.

Items in Lift Weights Faster Bundle

The entire premise of the program is getting a workout in with the time and equipment you have. I love this summary image.

Fitness Friday: Insomnia and Lift Weights Faster 2

I purchased the deluxe version and highly recommend it. I’m not affiliated with this in any way, I just love it.

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