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Fitness Friday Gym Humor

By Fitnspicy @fitnspicy

Happy Friday. This week has been really really long. With lots of snow, slow driving conditions, and some bad news that has left me feeling pretty down. But I know the best way to cheer up is to laugh. And it’s even better when it is laughing at yourself. I’ve had a great week of workouts but had some especially funny moments at the gym and yoga and figured I should share them with everyone.


We had gotten about 12 inches of snow last Sunday into Monday. I had Monday as a planned off day and didn’t really think about dealing with the snow. Tuesday morning at 5:30 I am getting bundled up to walk to yoga. It is much much faster for me to walk to yoga then get in the car and drive there, even when we have 12 inches of snow. Or so I thought. Picture me in about 5 layers, workout clothes, layer over that and a pair of pants to keep my legs dry. And a big jacket, hat, gloves and boots of course. I grabbed my mat, yoga bag and ventured into the snow. I realized I  need to trudge through a bunch of snow over a hill and there was no sidewalk nearby. So I step in and start slowly making my way through the snow and over the hill. I get about half way up and loose my footing. I start sliding and end up falling and covered in snow from head to toe.


I make it down the hill and into the parking lot and start brushing some of the snow off myself. I make it into yoga and start peeling off snow covered layers to realize I had lost my mat in the snow bank. I get bundled up again and go search for it. I did find it thankfully but it was really cold and wet. Let’s just say that I was not all that into my class that morning. I still went and worked hard but it was not my best workout ever. Especially since a few people saw my graceful fall when driving by. That would be me the giant klutz you are seeing falling down a hill into a big bank of snow.


At least I can laugh at myself!!


Workouts this week:


Sunday: Yoga

Monday: Off

Tuesday: Yoga Sculpt

Wednesday: Best Body Bootcamp (I am said that we are in our final week, thank goodness I am signed up for the next one starting in January)

Thursday: Yoga Sculpt

Friday: I may head to a candlelight yoga tonight to help deal with some stress

Saturday: Planning on going to Best Body Bootcamp


The winner of the Aquaphor giveaway is Marnae, I will email you! Congrats.

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