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Fitness Friday: Extra Energy

By Fitnspicy @fitnspicy

It has been a very good week for workouts, I followed my schedule and am feeling strong, sore, energized and just happy to be able to participate in such a great fitness program.


Sunday: Yoga Sculpt

Monday: Off

Tuesday: Yoga Sculpt

Wednesday: Off

Thursday: Yoga Sculpt (can you tell how much I love it!)

Friday: Cardio and Weights at the gym

Saturday: The plan is to head to the gym before leaving for Wisconsin.


Some of the extra energy I have been feeling this week has been from B12. 1st Step Pro Wellness offered to send me a 6 day supply of B12 Complex. A liquid shot of B12 that you take half in the morning and the other half in the evening. After 6 days of this I feel really good! I’ve been able to avoid the flu/cold thing that has gone through the office and haven’t felt that mid afternoon slump that I usually do. These taste good and B12 is always a good thing to have in your diet. Natural energy without caffeine or other stimulants.


These are available at Walgreens and other retailers and I was surprised by how much they helped. I don’t typically purchase these kind of supplements but I love the these! Scott and I have already purchased a few more packs.


Pro-Wellness Liquid Vitamin B12 Complex Dietary Supplement 2 Pack, Natural Cherry Flavor

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