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Fitness Friday: A Yoga Challenge

By Fitnspicy @fitnspicy
My yoga studio (Corepower) is doing a Summer Kick-Off Yoga Challenge, 26 classes in 30 days. That is a lot of yoga! While I would love to participate, I am gone for more than 6 days this month traveling for work. Making it very very difficult to get 26 classes in at the studio. I didn’t officially sign up for that challenge but I am going to do my own. A realistic and hopefully attainable challenge for me.   My Goal:   15 Classes in June, with personal travel this weekend to Milwaukee, and 2 work trips 15 is a challenge to schedule in. I am making it a priority. I feel so much better when I am working hard in the gym and have a strong yoga practice   The Classes, at least 1 of each of the following:   Hot Yoga Hot Yoga Express Yoga Sculpt C1 or C1.5 C2   My reward:   A new yoga mat, mine is due to be tossed. It is starting to come apart on the sides and it smells. I noticed it in class yesterday morning and couldn’t figure out what that weird and musty smell was. I knew that my Yogitoes had just been washed, and while I was sweating I certainly didn’t smell that bad. I kept sniffing around and finally smelled the mat. Ick. It is time for a new one but I need a little extra motivation to make sure I stay on track with workouts in June. 15 classes equals a mat. I can do it!     Now I just need to decide what mat to add to my Amazon wish list…   Manduka?     Aurorae?         Jade?       What is your favorite mat? Does it make a difference in your practice or should I just go buy another $12.99 one at Marshall’s?

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