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Fitness Friday: A New Gym Bag

By Fitnspicy @fitnspicy

I finally ordered a new gym bag and I am loving it so far! It fits everything I need, has lots of pockets and has a separate area for clothes. A reader had suggested checking out eBags and I am so glad I did. They have a great selection.

I ended up buying the Calpak bag in Navy/Black. It was on sale and it’s the perfect bag. Such a great suggestion!

Fitness Friday: A New Gym Bag

And one other new thing I tried this week- Bioterra Herbs.  They have a sleep and energy formula, they all natural, contain no GMO’s and gluten free and vegan. The first night I took the sleep supplement I got 8 hours of sleep!! It has been YEARS since I had that much sleep. I normally average 5-6 hours. 8 felt like a luxury.


  • Chinese Salvia (root & rhizome)
    Latin name: Salvia miltiorrhiza.
  • Jujube (seeds)
    Latin name: Ziziphus jujuba.
  • Schisandra (fruit)
    Latin name: Schisandra chinensis.
  • Turmeric (rhizome)
    Latin name: Curcuma longa.

I didn’t notice as much of a difference with the energy supplement but I still felt a slight boost. But I will be buying the Sleep supplement for sure. Thanks BioTerra for sending these my way.


  • Asian Ginseng (root)
    Latin name: Panax ginseng.
  • Astragalus (root)
    Latin name: Astragalus mongholicus.
  • Ophiopogon (root tuber)
    Latin name: Ophiopogon japonicus.
  • Schisandra (fruit)
    Latin name: Schisandra chinensis.
  • Grass-leaf Sweetflag (rhizome)
    Latin name: Acorus gramineus.

Workouts this week:

Saturday: 2 hours of snowshoeing!

Sunday: Off

Monday: Cardio and Weights

Tuesday: Yoga Sculpt

Thursday: Yoga Sculpt and Shoveling

Friday: Shoveling! We got about 12 inches of snow. I have to shovel the front walk when I get home.

This is last weeks calorie count from the Polar Loop. I seriously love this with my heart rate monitor. Best thing ever.

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