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Fire the Grid: Global Meditation Tonight!

By Nadine
A friend sent me info on Fire the Grid earlier in the week. I admit that I thought "heck no!". I thought the idea of global meditation (everyone meditating, praying, whatever sends out good vibes for them at the same time) was a fantastic, powerful idea. However, since our timeslot is 3:11 am to 4:11 am, I was not feeling drawn to the idea.
Something made me think of it this morning. And I thought "why not?". I don't have classes tomorrow morning, I don't have classes tonight. I can get up for an hour in the middle of the night. Hopefully I won't fall asleep while meditating.
I encourage you to consider joining this amazing movement. It's short notice, but if you can make it work, join the love! For those that live on the east coast or overseas, they've got much more palatable times of day since everyone is synced up across the world. I've attached the website link below and I'm going to borrow my friend's word because he said it well: "It's a little out there at moments but the reality of the situation is there will be a giant healing taking place across the globe. So if you're interested you should give it a try and/or spread the word to those you know who might take interest."
The website: Fire the Grid

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