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Finding My Relaxation

By Nadine
Here's something that is hard for me, as a Yoga teacher, to admit: I'm not really good at Savasana.

I know the importance of this final relaxation. I often tell my students it is the most important pose we practice, a chance for the body to rest and restore. And I believe that.

Before I became a Yoga teacher, I would lay on the floor during Savasana and usually let my mind wander to the rest of my day or other things that took me out of that moment of relaxation.

I think that the typical Savasana posture (lying on my back) isn't a natural relaxation position for me. I don't sleep that way, I don't meditate that way. I feel a little too exposed and open for full relaxation.

While I'm teaching, I find that I rarely fully engage in Savasana. I may spend some of the time relaxing, but I'm also keeping an eye on the clock.

But I've had some truly good relaxation experiences in Savasana. They may be few and far between, but I know they are out there and that gives me a direction to head in.

My challenge to myself and you: take the time for a really good Savasana, to engage in the relaxation and to let our mind and body truly rest.

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