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Filling in the Silence

By Makemeupmandy @mandywebb28
Hi everyone!
I have had no IBOT post this week and no FFS Friday posts for the last couple of weeks. VERY BAD, isn't it?
I do ask for your patience and I'm sure you would understand. Sick husband, sick buby, sick self plus work and other projects on my hands. I would love to blog regularly again so please pardon me while I get my fizzled brain right (and busy myself with wiping snot from a cranky baby).
[On hindsight, the last I blogged was 4 days ago. What is my world coming to that I feel a need to explain when I haven't blogged in only 4 days? Definitely smells like an online addiction....]
Meanwhile, I am more active on Facebook & Twitter because it's easier to chat in fewer words at the moment due to my sore throat (it's a joke?)! So please do join me there and chat with me x
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ending tomorrow :)
Filling in the Silence
Probably much sooner than I'm thinking!
The truth is, given how my life usually works, I will probably have a blog post up in the next couple of days lol. So I'm not making out like I'm on a blogging break or anything. Just thought I'd come on here and fill in the silence a little.
Filling in the Silence A random joke... just because. I like to have a little laugh as often as possible :)
Raining today in the Hunter so keep warm, keep safe everyone & please don't wear thongs and believe you won't slip (like my silly husband does). Happy Hump Day!

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