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Figure and Bikini

By Veganfitnesscompetitor
After being assessed by the queen of the industry last weekend at an event that I attended for people getting into this lifestyle, she suggested that I'd do really well in figure. She said I had good genetics, but have the type of body type that will never get super lean.
I never considered that because I thought I needed a figure suit, as opposed to a bikini suit. Apparently, she said, it doesn't matter.
So, there we have it. I will be competing in bikini and figure at my first show. So I spent some time with my personal trainer last night learning how to flex my muscles, and learning more about the mind-muscle connection. He and I went through how I should practice flexing my muscles for 20 seconds at a time... it's not easy!
Since I had done a leg workout, then his circuit class, I was pretty tired, so my muscles kept cramping up, despite drinking tons of water during the day. So I hope to do some of this tonight and over the weekend, practicing getting that muscle to pop.
For women figure competitions, there aren't that many stereotypical "poses" as one might think (like flexing the biceps, shaking out the quad and flexing, doing all the movements that people joke about when people talk about bodybuilding), but there are only about 3 poses that I will have to do, but it's important to flex the muscles even though we're not doing the muscle-man pose.
I'm pretty excited about doing both categories now, mainly because it's more "bang for my buck" since I'm working so hard, might as well get some experience and a chance to place (yeah right, I'm talking about placing by DEFAULT since the category is small and separated by height) and go home with a cool glass trophy.
I'm so excited!

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