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FFS Friday: Story Of Our Lives

By Makemeupmandy @mandywebb28

FFS Friday: Story Of Our Lives  Source
When we went to play Aqua Golf earlier this week on Mandy Day, Husband pissed a woman off. 
There was only us and this couple as it was early on a weekday morning. This woman was seriously trying to hone her golf skills but unfortunately, like me, wasn’t too talented. She donk-ed the side panel a couple of times with her golf club really loud. Each time, the donk echoed loudly and for a good few seconds in an atmosphere of awkwardness.
My dumb arse of a husband promptly burst out laughing with a HA HA! the second time she did it.
I know my husband so I know that he has no bad intentions except finding many things in life funny. 
Unfortunately, this lady did not know my husband and of course, was very annoyed & offended. She muttered a reluctant “sorry” (about donk-ing the side panel) and left soon after. I felt really bad and tried to smile at her when she walked past me only to be greeted with an unhappy glance. FFS
I pointed out to Husband that he shouldn’t have laughed out loud like that. He said he didn’t even realize he had laughed out loud. FFS
Then, his defence was “Well, she shouldn’t have donk-ed the side panel! It was funny!” Completely unrepentant. FFS
My baby has learned to climb up and down the bed and couch. She is very proud of it and likes to show her new skill off. 
I cannot understand for the life of me, how “NO! DON’T! NO!” gets translated into “GOOD! WELL DONE! AWESOME! KEEP GOING!” in her mind as she turns around and looks at us, beaming ever so proudly each time, smiling, laughing and even waving.I will update this section again when she falls on her bum on one of her courageous expeditions.FFS
I bought 2 pretty canvas prints for my kitchen. Just to brighten & pretty up my workplace a little. Husband very kindly put them up for me. No FFS
Problem is, they are not where I want them to be. FFS
Problem is, he insists that he did ask me and I didn’t answer so he put them where he thought I wanted them. Problem is, I insist that I did tell him. Problem is, this is the story of our lives. FFS
Recently, we developed a brilliant idea. You know how you just know you will forget where you place something so you make sure you put it in a Specially Assigned Special Spot so you won’t forget?
Recently, we forgot the location of bloody Specially Assigned Special Spot. We ended up wasting double the time looking for said special spot. The irony. FFS
Dear Baby G 
Linking up with Sarah again for weekly rants!

FFS Friday: Story Of Our Lives
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