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FFS Friday: More Baby Poop Stories

By Makemeupmandy @mandywebb28
FFS Friday: More Baby Poop Stories Source
I had my first poop-in-the-bath encounter yesterday. Well, not me exactly. The baby, to be specific. But since I have the privilege of being her mother, I had the honor of being involved so yes, it was my encounter too.
I was wondering why the baby hadn't done a poo in 2 days as I was stripping her for her bath.
Just as she got in the bath, she took a little squat and what do you know, Nature had better plans and took over. FFS
It was not cool I had to pick up 2 poops and throw them in the toilet. FFS
I had to pick the poops, chuck the poops, empty the baby tub, fill it with clean water again - all the while grabbing on with my dear life to the restless, chuckling, naked baby who was trying to swim around in the dirty water. All with one mutha of a strong arm. FFS
Did I even get a Thank You?? Ungrateful little thing.
The baby has been walking so well this week, she has officially given crawling up. Not FFS
It is so exciting yet so tedious at the same time; my kitchen cupboards are being constantly attacked and my bookshelf constantly rearranged. FFS
Ally went to Vacation Care on Thursday and I got her all dressed and ready. When we entered the centre, lo and behold, everybody looked different. Yes, it was Pyjamas Party Day! Whoopey-Doo! And those colourful stripey pants my girl was wearing didn't look like no jammie pants... FFS disorganized & forgetful parent.
Finally got rid of the old car. Problem with selling an old cheap car is you tend to attract a lot of young punks.... with no money but a whole bunch of rudeness, attitude and self-entitlement. FFS
I had heaps of amazing offers of cash and pickup the same day etc... except they only wanted to deposit $100, grab the car and pay back the rest in installments, please? FFS
Well, these young punks obviously don't understand that such special arrangements are usually for people you know and not for strangers who might very well just run off with the car. Even for people you know, such an arrangement is usually done with much hesitation anyway, no?
Also, how hard is it to send a polite text to let someone know you are not coming round to view the car anymore? It is utterly rude and disrespectful because people might plan their day around the agreed meeting time.FFS
I'm glad we eventually sold it to a nice family who were always punctual the 3 times we met and very, very polite. Not FFS.
That sums up my little week. Hope you guys have a great weekend ahead! Don't forget to join in the little giveaway if you want to try out the Australis Bronzing Primer xx
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