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FFS Friday: Bloody Injury Scared Me Silly

By Makemeupmandy @mandywebb28
I cannot believe it is Friday already!
Main event of the week was definitely (yet another one of) Husband's bloody injury scare. FFS
When I say 'bloody', you know I mean it both in the objective description way... and the rude way. FFS
FFS Friday: Bloody Injury Scared Me Silly
So Husband was being very, very hardworking and building a shed out in the yard. It started getting dark outside but he wanted to continue since he wasn't far from finishing.
Well, what do you know, bad things are bound to happen when you are only down to your last 3 screws right? FFS
His hand slipped and drill went through tip of his finger. FFS
He came running in with blood dripping everywhere while I tried my best not to faint and Ally tried to stop her baby sister from playing with the trail of blood. FFS
I have all respect for doctors & nurses because I can not stand the sight of blood. FFS
Husband wanted me to evaluate the injury and tell him how bad it was. FFS
It was obviously bad bad. Blood gushing, bone showing slightly and a portion of the nail hanging off. FFS
Husband obviously knew I don't have a medical degree and so, didn't trust my evaluation anyway. He put a tissue over it, went back out for another 2 hours working on a bunch of stuff. FFS
After 2 hours, he came back in feeling faint. FFS
He thought it would be funny to ask me questions like "Do you go cold before you die?" FFS
I decided I had to scare him into taking it seriously and told him (fake) stories of how so-and-so cut his finger, put a tissue over it, went to bed and woke up finding the finger had turned black and rotten. Of course, in my story, the finger had to be chopped off. FFS
Glad to report that my ingenious scare tactic obviously worked. Not FFS.
Husband went to the hospital and lo and behold - 4 needles, 6 stitches plus huge bandage plus Tetanus shot plus medication for infection prevention etc.
To think he was going to just go to bed with a piece of tissue over it. OH. MY. GOD.

How has your week been? Hopefully not as gory as mine!

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