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Favorite Things #5

By Hblack79

Hello from Jamaica!

I’m currently laying out on the beach with my cousin, sipping beverages, and enjoying food continuously throughout the day.  Don’t worry though, I’m also getting my workouts in each and every day!  I can’t wait to share all about my trip, but first, let me finish enjoying it.  While I do that, I’ll leave you with my 5th installment of Favorite Things for 2015!  Not gonna lie, I’m pretty proud of myself for sticking to something for this long when it comes to my blog.  I have had plenty of past experiences of trying something with my blog and not finishing it.  Let’s see how long this can last y’all!


I am the worst about not replacing my running shoes until it’s too late.  During my 3rd half marathon, I finished in tears because I had such terrible pain in my feet.  Now, I’m struggling with constant knee pain and believe it’s due to my shoes, yet again.  I decided that I seriously need to keep up with the mileage I put on my running shoes.  They recommend replacing them every 300-500 miles and I never know when that is because I don’t keep track.  I would love a tracker that attached to my shoe, but I don’t feel like paying for one of those right now, so I found the next best thing – a free app!  After your run, you have a place to keep track of your miles.  The only down fall is that it won’t keep track of anything in between.  If I wear my shoes out for an activity that is not specifically running, then I’m logging those extra miles, but then again, that may help me keep my running shoes specifically for running like they’re intended and then they won’t wear out as quickly.

  • My Job

I know that’s weird to put on my favorite things list, but I really do love my job and I really really do love who I work for.  It really hit me how much I care about what I do when I was stressed out on Thursday before leaving work to fly out of the country.  I was so nervous to leave because that meant everything was done and I didn’t want to disappoint my boss when he came back.  I want to do my job right, I enjoy doing my job right.  I left work on Thursday with a quickly beating heart, trying to let go and realize that what’s done is done, but more importantly, with a grateful heart.  I’m so grateful for the job I have and my boss.  After all, I would not be in Jamaica if my boss had not passed this trip down to me.

  • Fusion Restaurant

Last week, I needed a break from work, so I went and had lunch by myself.  Do any of you have trouble having lunch by yourself?  I certainly don’t, but I know some people do.


I have lunch by myself frequently.  It gives me time to get away from the office, do some personal thinking and planning, and just chill without having to entertain conversation with another human being.  Don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of days that I love spending time with friends over lunch, but last week was not one of those weeks due to the stress I was under.  So I tried out a new restaurant I had never been to before called Fusion.  It’s a Japanese & Thai restaurant.  I loved their display of my vegetable hibachi lunch.


  • F.R.I.E.N.D.S

Favorite Things #5


I’m not kidding when I say that I just finished the entire series of Friends AGAIN.  I don’t even know how many times I’ve watched it all the way through at this point.  It was wonderful, like always and it still made me laugh even though I’ve seen every single one of the episodes a dozen times.  Have you noticed on Netflix where they cut out certain parts?  That was kind of funny to realize and honestly, the parts they cut out surprised me.  They openly discuss sex on a regular basis, but they dismissed the part where Rachel’s sorority girlfriend grabs a pack of cigarette’s from Gunther and says, “You’re a bad man for giving me these!”

  • Blogging

You’re probably like ‘duh!’ right now, but if you’ve been blogging for any length of time, then you know that blogging is not always your favorite thing to do.  It can be hard and painful and the last thing you want to do sometimes.  Lately though, I’ve been loving it and I’m finding myself wanting to be here more frequently.  That is definitely on my list of favorite things because there were a few times last year where I was worried blogging may not be my thing.  I got frustrated and hurt and annoyed a few times, but I finally feel like I’m getting my blogging mojo back and I’m working hard to create a more positive space around here!

  • What are some things you’re loving this week?
  • Do you mind sitting alone at a restaurant?
  • What’s your favorite TV show to rewatch over and over?

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