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Farmers Market Find: Rhubarb

By Nadine
It's that season again. I went to the Farmers Market on Sunday and Wednesday. I loaded up on yummy bread and cherry tomatoes both times. On Wednesay I also bought some pasta and rhubarb.
The rhubarb was from Compassion Farm (Dirk Becker and Nicole Shaw). While we're growing rhubarb at our house, it is only recently planted so not ready to harvest. I turned the rhubarb into a lovely strawberry rhubarb crisp using this recipe.
Now you might be asking: what does the farmers market and a tasty crisp have to do with Yoga? A lot!
I have made several committments of how I want to live my life. Included on that list are compassion, consideration and love. I've chosen each of the words to represent something that I want to embody and the definitions may shift over time.
Compassion I chose to represent vegetarianism. I am not a vegetarian but I do strive to eat predominantly vegetarian. So a yummy fruit crisp is definitely on the menu.
I chose consideration to represent local/sustainable options. This is the big reason to go to the farmers market. To allow me to buy food that I know was grown or produced locally. And of course, it generally tastes better because it's fresher.
Love represents my social connections. And there is part of that in buying produce from the farmers market, buying directly from the grower, particularly when it is someone I know, like Nicole Shaw.
Buying at the farmers market allows me to connect with my food and those who supply it more completely than buying from the grocery store. I encourage you to get out and sample the bounty available in your area.

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