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  • Doc McStuffins Isn’t Enough

    McStuffins Isn’t Enough

    Doc McStuffins, Disney’s black doctor character, is a “crossover hit.” Sales of Doc McStuffins character products are evenly distributed by race and even gender... Read more

    The 30 July 2014 by   Gradmommy
  • Home Made Cerelac for Babies (Step By Step Pictures)

    lt;img class="aligncenter wp-image-5373 size-full" src="" alt="sattu maavu or home made cerelac fo... Read more

    The 08 July 2014 by   Sangeetha
  • Take a Look at Disney Infinity’s Guardians of the Galaxy

    Take Look Disney Infinity’s Guardians Galaxy

    You may not know who Star Lord, Gamora, Drax, Groot, and Rocket Raccoon are now, but they’re about to become the biggest heroes in the universe. Read more

    The 23 July 2014 by   Boxmash
  • Back to School Portrait

    Back School Portrait

    Drawing stick people is usually a no-no for older students that are capable of doing more, but I’m thinking it might be fun to make them a starting point for... Read more

    The 22 July 2014 by   Kathybarbro
  • I Can Help


    Tasza I - Ottawa, Ontario - Winter 2014 I had thought that once I got through this whole cancer thing I would have some sort of epiphany. Read more

    The 16 July 2014 by   Countesstt
  • Happy Birthday Maggie Holmes!!

    Happy Birthday Maggie Holmes!!

    Hey Maggie! I would like to wish you a very Happy Birthday! You are such an amazing, fun, loving and incredibly talented woman. I am so grateful I got to share... Read more

    The 18 July 2014 by   Jcchris
  • Just Dance Now Extends the Beat to Phones

    Just Dance Extends Beat Phones

    Just Dance 2015 releases later this year, and it comes with a cool new feature: Just Dance Now. It’s an app for your phone that means you can play Just Dance... Read more

    The 30 July 2014 by   Boxmash
  • Free Play and Life Skills Development

    Free Play Life Skills Development

    A growing number of psychologists believe that changes in the way children play and what they play at and with has also changed kids’ cognitive and emotional... Read more

    The 21 July 2014 by   Jean Campbell
  • Slim-Be Money Saving Offer

    Slim-Be Money Saving Offer

    Have you seen the new Slim-Be weight loss management drinks !http://preciouslittleworlds.blogspot.comwell if so and you are going to buy them don't make the sam... Read more

    The 12 July 2014 by   Hannah Staveley
  • People En Espanol Returns to San Antonio with Zendaya!

    People Espanol Returns Antonio with Zendaya!

    Are you ready for Labor Day weekend? People en Espanol is bringing back the Festival People 2014 and introducing the new Chicas Poderosas Concert Powered by... Read more

    The 22 July 2014 by   Michelle Hernandez