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Fall Themed Activities for Young Children

By Joysautismblog @joysautismblog

My kids are all geared up for Halloween. I think it might be Adrian’s favorite holiday and the girls have been talking about costumes for a couple of weeks.

I try to keep our homeschooling fun especially for Nevaeh who is only five years old and has a shorter attention span. With the kids looking forward to Halloween I have done a few Halloween themed activities lately.

First I printed out 2 inch pictures of pumpkins from LessonPix and on the pumpkins I wrote Nevaeh’s sight words that she’s been working on and then I laminated the pumpkins so they will last longer. I hid them around the living room and when it was time for her reading class I told her that she was going to do a pumpkin hunt. I usually just hide five pumpkins each day so it doesn’t take her forever and she will get bored with it. Once she finds all the pumpkins she reads me the sight words. she really enjoyed that activity. Here are some examples of Nevaeh’s pumpkins:

Fall Themed Activities for Young Children

Another activity we have been doing is I will name off Halloween words and Nevaeh marks off the letter that the word starts with on a laminated alphabet list. I decided to do Halloween words one day and she’s asked for Halloween words every time we’ve done it since then.

This is our calendar and we’ve been marking it off with Halloween pictures printed from LessonPix and the girls love choosing what picture to do next and hanging it.

Fall Themed Activities for Young Children

You could also use these to teach kids how to make a pattern, we had a pattern on our calendar last month. (example: pumpkin, bat, candy corn, pumpkin, bat, candy corn which is an important early skill for kids to learn)

Nevaeh and I also decided that for the month of October she was going to learn to spell orange and black and she is using these videos for that:

We’ve also been doing this cute Skeleton Dance:

And I can’t leave out one of my very favorite sites so here are a couple activities but she has a lot more on her site:

Pumpkin Painting:

Pumpkin Seed Sorting and Counting:

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