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Event: Facial Treatment at The Face Aesthetic Clinic

By Beautifulbuns

Here’s a long-overdue review on my facial treatment at le sponsor The Face Aesthetic Clinic. In case you’re dubious (like I was initially), The Face Aesthetic Clinic is actually a subsidiary of the very well-known and established Q&M Dental group.  That sets your heart at ease, doesn’t it? Especially after a certain fellow bun’s facial fiasco, one can’t be too careful.

On hindsight I should really have done this just before I flew off to Korea last week. Hohoho, that’s right baybeh, I’m still in Korea, which explains the slight lapse in blog updates – check my instagram for more frequent posts.  It’s time to put my best face forwarddd.

The Face Aesthetic Clinic (3)Meeting the surprisingly hamsome poster boy-worthy Dr Zhang Yijun (who by the way isn’t from China. tsk tsk, don’t judge someone by their surname peoples)

The Face Aesthetic Clinic (2)Me having a pre-treatment facial to find out more about The Face Aesthetic Clinic, as well as the treatment I was gonna receive that day. Since I was running short on time, I was just to undergo their Crystal Clean Diamond Aqua Deep Cleansing Facial (I didn’t even have time for the Infrared thingamajig. sad face)

The Face Aesthetic ClinicThe therapy room with what I term “the disco lights” on. Once they’re off, it looks like any normal facial place – clean, white and cosy

The Face Aesthetic Clinic (4)An assortment of machines ready to give me a pretty face

The Face Aesthetic Clinic (5)I can’t quite remember what this was for, but I thought I look friggin’ hilarious, so I posted it. I believe it has something to do with the firmness of the skin and also checking the pores.

The Face Aesthetic Clinic (6)

The Face Aesthetic Clinic (7)Look at le dirt and dead skin cells removed off my face! This technology / machine is pretty similar to the one used at DRx.

The Face Aesthetic Clinic (8)Click to enlarge (prepare your guts first) – note the difference in skin clarity. One thing though – if you’ve got slightly sensitive skin, remember to tell your therapist to go easy. Mine got a little too carried away and I ended up with some barely visible scratch marks on my nose (that went away after a few days anyway).

The Face Aesthetic Clinic (9)

The Face Aesthetic Clinic (10)Notice how the skin gets more radiant and glowy?

The Face Aesthetic Clinic (11)The last step – a calming mask that even has lavender (or chamomile) to soothe and calm both your skin and body at the same time. It dries up into a peel-off mask.

The Face Aesthetic Clinic (12)And voila! Sans the piece of mask that looks like an orphaned nose booger, note how clear and radiant my skin is now? The splotchiness is also barely there, so you can continue about your day as per usual. After the treatment, my face felt significantly smoother. The pores were slightly reduced (but after several weeks, the usual dirt and sebum friends came back to play on my face again).

The Crystal Clean treatment is available at  an affordable $130 for 45 minutes. Here are some other treatments that might interest you.

The Face Aesthetic Clinic is located conveniently at:

20 Malacca Street #01-00

Malacca Building

Singapore 048979

Tel: 6223 6788

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