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Event: Clinique’s Christmas Collection 2013

By Beautifulbuns

I have the weirdest luck factor – I have had crazy days where I won an item at all 4 consecutive events I went for in a day (back in 2009 I think), and then again, during this recent Clinique Christmas collection event where there were 16 (or 17?) prizes up for grabs with 32 attendees, I didn’t win jackshit. Ah well, I guess I should have won my lucky panties then. On my head. lol.

Anyhoos, here’s what Clinique has to offer for Christmas – and guess what? They’re already available on counters. Talk about being fast. Click on any photo to enlarge


Clinique Christmas 2013
An improvised version of a Christmas Tree by Clinique with their Christmas goodies themed for Christmas / weather getaways ie Dry Summer, Wet Summer, Dry Winter, Wet Winter etc.

Clinique Christmas 2013 (1)b

Clinique Christmas 2013 (1)a
Party Tips Nail Set, $39 and the Whole Lotta Candy Chubby Stick Set, $39

Clinique Christmas 2013 (2)a

And this is why product photos are important – because it clearly looks a lot better than what I took. heh.

Lips To Go with 5 little lip glosses and a little pouch/case

Clinique Christmas 2013 (3)a
Even Better City Block set, $95

Clinique Christmas 2013 (4)a

Aloe Gel set, $34

Clinique Christmas 2013 (5)a

RWLF set, $128

Clinique Christmas 2013 (6)a

Great Skin Home and Away set, $160

Clinique Christmas 2013 (7)a

CL Moisture Favourites, $75

Clinique Christmas 2013 (9)a

Kiss Set (price unavailable)

Clinique Christmas 2013 (10)a

More than Moisture Set, $$75

Clinique Christmas 2013 (11)a

Even Better Clinical Set, $143

There are more sets of course, but I must have missed them out whilst going round and round the tree. Giddy much heh. But you can always head down to the counters to check them out or drop me an email to send you the full PDF .

If you don’t like any of the above sets or any of the ones you see, fret not, cos you can create your own sets and package them into these pretty Clinique boxes

Unfortunately, you won’t be having a handsome elf man handing it out to you. heh. That’s my elf, get your own damned elffffff.

Clinique Christmas 2013 (12)


What’s more, if your wallet isn’t in a very cooperative mood, you could even win yourself a Christmas gift set from Clinique! Simply grab a copy of CLEO (my ex-magazine hurhurhur) or Singapore Women’s Weekly and there’ll be a Clinique card / leaflet / brochure (which is actually called an art card in our production terms), and fill in the pink portion to win the grand prize worth over $3,000!

clinique brochure


Phew. Yet another blog entry that needed a shitload of time to edit the images - see how I very conscientiously put in the product names and prices?

That’s my sort-of Christmas gift to you guys hurhurhur.

P.S. If you guys ever have to go to a building called 2HR at Number 2 Havelock for any reason, it’s actually the former Apollo Centre. It’s also where this event was held, and the cabby was driving me nuts insisting that #2 Havelock is actually MOM, Furama Hotel, and about 100 buildings around it. Grrrr.


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