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Event: Bobbi Brown Holiday and Old Hollywood Collections 2013

By Beautifulbuns

Woohoo! I have finally made it as a beauty blogger – I haz elbowed and shouldered my way up the ranks into Bobbi Brown’s blogger radar :D   Here’s what went down during last Sunday’s Bobbi Brown event, held at the atrium of Ngee Ann City.

Bobbi Brown Holiday LE event
Le stage is set – and I haz a front row seat even. Woah. Anna Wintour? Anna Minotaur I am!

Bobbi Brown Holiday LE event (1
Le VIPs – Brand GM, the host and Sophion Loh, makeup trainer for Bobbi Brown and a pal of mine. We go back a nong nong time to 2009.

Bobbi Brown Holiday LE event (4)
A pleasant unexpected surprise – a fashion show with the finalists of Models Reinvented

Bobbi Brown Holiday LE event (5)
Can you imagine that these ladies are all over 35?!

Bobbi Brown Holiday LE event (6)
I slink lower and lower into my seat in embarrassment as more finalists come out – they have children and about 10% of the fat I have. Waddahell.

Bobbi Brown Holiday LE event (7)
Look at her gorgeous smile and skin!

Bobbi Brown Holiday LE event (8)
A familiar face – Sarah Tan, ex-colleague of mine from my Revolution days. This chick does not age, I tell you. She also has about 0.0001% fat on her modelesque frame. I’m so jelly.

Bobbi Brown Holiday LE event (9)
Sophion looking all pimp-like with his girls lol

Bobbi Brown Holiday LE event (10)
Time to get the show on the road – Sophion demonstrating how to rock Bobbi Brown’s Holiday and Old Hollywood Glam product offerings on a fat-less and uber pretty model.

Bobbi Brown Holiday LE event (11)
On the verge of sounding like a fangirl, I must say that Sophion looks ridiculously hamsome now! I mean, he wasn’t ugly, but he’s now totally chic and suave. Woah.

Bobbi Brown Holiday LE event (12)
Finally, time for me to run my grubby paws all over this season’s offerings – pictured here is the Old Hollywood collection

Bobbi Brown Holiday LE event (14)
Glitter nail polish , $29 each and Lip gloss/High Shimmer lip gloss, $36 each. Both are limited edition.

Bobbi Brown Holiday LE event (13)
Ok commence the slack-jawed activity, or rather, non-activity, How can you not drool over this super gorgeous limited edition Old Hollywood Eye Palette, $99? It’s got such wearable colours that can bring you from day to night (and in my case, I’m hoping that it’ll bring me a hawt hawt man). I WANTS!

Bobbi Brown Holiday LE event (16)
But wait, there’s more?! How can you do this, Bobbi? I can feel my money struggling to release itself from my wallet and run to you already.  These are Bobbi Brown’s Holiday Gift Giving products, and are of course, limited edtion.

Bobbi Brown Holiday LE event (15)
Left, top: Lip & Eye Palettes, $59

Left, bottom: Nude Glow Shimmer Brick, $75 (ok I so damn close to shat a brick when I saw this. Gorrrrrrrgeous!)

Centre: Twilight Pink lip & Eye Palette, $110

Right, 1st and 2nd row: Eye Shadow Palettes, $108

Right, 3rd row: Sequin Shimmer Brick Eye Palette, $99

Bobbi Brown Holiday LE event (17)
A close-up of the ahmayzzzing colours on the Twilight Pink Lip & Eye Palette

Bobbi Brown Holiday LE event (18
Left: Us ladies (am so happy that I brought along Alethea
) and another awesomely fun new-found friend Roxanne.

Right: Me and Sophion – I’m that white that when the flash goes off, I lose my nose. Yay?

Just because I can’t be the only one to have this To-Buy-Or-Not-To-Buy internal struggle, I’ve decided to post the following photos.

Bobbi Brown Old Hollywood Collection

Bobbi Brown Holiday Gift Giving collection 2013


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