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Event: Blackberry Z10 Launch

By Beautifulbuns

Nanny duty is taking quite a bit of time out of my blogging schedule – I’m usually more on the ball (since I love playing with eyeballs hurhurhur). Here’s another slightly belated blog entry from last week… no, maybe 2 weeks ago on 21 February – the consumer launch of the Blackberry Z10 at Marina Bay Sands Art Science Museum. I had to miss the media launch cos it coincided with the Watsons Beauty Day Out event.

BB Z10 launch
A nice clean wall which will be desecrated later on (you’ll see)

BB Z10 launch (4)
Plenty of pretty girls to greet us. At times like these, there’s a voice in my head that goes “it’s ok that you’re not 2 metres tall and stick thin, it’s ok.. it’s ok…” hahaha


BB Z10 launch (1)a
Ooh I see a large crowd. In true Singaporean mentality, we gravitated towards it. We just can’t help it. That’s in our nature.

BB Z10 launch (3)
Our instincts are usually right – I squeezed through the large crowd and found the star of the night. The Blackberry Z10 is finally decent – a large screen, good intuitive touch-type functions, great consumer-friendly shortcuts and also a good feel. It’s sort of what I expected the iPhone 5 to be. Too bad the apps are still somewhat limited, but I believe they’ll catch up to the Android and Apple market soon.

BB Z10 launch (5)
The hosts preparing for one of the numerous lucky draws and giveaways. It was mostly done by selecting good tweets, and I have obstinately refused to sign up for one, so obviously, I didn’t win anything. In fact, we didn’t even bother to sit and watch the selection process / winners collecting their prizes (i know, sore losers and major sour grapes right?) ;p

Instead, we decided to better utilise our time by queueing up  to get our caricatures drawn. I refused to go back empty-handed, I refuseeeeeeeeeee.

So we waited for 20-30 mins, and this is what we got!

BB Z10 launch (6)
OMG Isabelle looks EXACTLY like her portrait!

BB Z10 launch (7)
Me and my portrait – what do you think? Similar?

The artist is from, so you can hire him if you like his works! We were so enthralled by our portraits that we commenced on an insane photo-taking spree. Also, to commemorate the absence of a pal who couldn’t come due to work commitments, we decided to put something that represented her – a face made from muruku sticks (taken from the mixed nuts bowl).

BB Z10 launch (11)a
As you can tell, we got a little too excited.

BB Z10 launch (12)
Anyhoos, we ended the night being a pseudo graffiti artist – it was more of gra-shitty instead.

Our door gift for the night was a pretty damn extravagant Money-phant from Georg Jensen (instagram photo here and here)  sorry Blackberry, but I do with you hadn’t emblazoned your brand onto the money-phant. The appeal of Georg Jensen products are their sleek and clean and ohhh-so-fab-clean feeling – now my elephant doesn’t look clean anymore. sigh.


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