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Event: Asia Style Collection Part 2 / 2NE1 Press Con

By Beautifulbuns

And here’s part 2! I’m editing my photos in batches so I don’t get carpal tunnel heh. If you haven’t read part 1, here’s the link.

AsiaStyle part 2
The Olive des Olive fashion show coming right after Thelma Aoyama’s amazing performance.

Olive des Olive’s website

AsiaStyle part 2 (1)
Holy mother of pint-sized persons – Tsubasa Masuwaka is tiny. like REALLY tiny.

AsiaStyle part 2 (2)
I still can’t believe this chick has a child. Her two thighs can make up one of my thighs.

AsiaStyle part 2 (3)
A living doll. God, Y U no make me ridiculously cute and pretty like her?

AsiaStyle part 2 (5)

AsiaStyle part 2 (6)

AsiaStyle part 2 (7)
And this was all I managed to snap of Azul – check out Azul’s website here.

Nah, I didn’t go to the toilet – instead, I was hauled out to meet 2NE1 WOOHOO!

AsiaStyle part 2 (8)

AsiaStyle part 2 (9)
ZOMG they are here!

AsiaStyle part 2 (10)

AsiaStyle part 2 (11)
Somehow, CL is looking prettier and prettier these days. From L-R: CL, Park Bom, Dara and Minzy

AsiaStyle part 2 (12)
CL did most of the talking since she’s the leader. The rest of the girls are pretty proficient in English though.

AsiaStyle part 2 (13)

AsiaStyle part 2 (14)
Buxom Bom looking slightly dazed most of the time.

Enough with the group shots – time to make full size of my Panasonic FZ200 and zoom in on the girls


AsiaStyle part 2 (15)

AsiaStyle part 2 (16)
See what I meant by her looking increasingly prettier? I suspect it’s the change in hairstyle, although my friend Makkypedia says it’s also due to her skin improving.

AsiaStyle part 2 (17)
A very animated and lively CL showing the size of her balls. not. I can’t remember what she was saying though – I was too busy snapping away. P.S. Click to enlarge and you can check out her eyeliner style on the leftmost photo.

AsiaStyle part 2 (18)
CL explained that their outfits for the day were from Givenchy – a surprisingly mostly-black ensemble compared with their usual Shibuya-flashing-billboard-worthy colours.

AsiaStyle part 2 (19)
Miss Honey Legs Park Bom

AsiaStyle part 2 (20)
I’m loving her eye makeup – at first glance it looks like eyeliner explosion on her eye, but it’s actually really thick and feathery false eyelashes with a shade of gray eyeshadow.

AsiaStyle part 2 (21)

AsiaStyle part 2 (22)
Park Bom should really stop with the plastic surgeries.. the poor girl is looking faker and faker by the day. Her lips are either swollen from water retention or she’s had way too many collagen shots.

AsiaStyle part 2 (23)
Dara starting off the session looking really stoned – CL said that Dara was totally zoned out that day. Perhaps it was due to their hectic schedules. They had apparently only arrived the night before, and they had to have rehearsals at 12.30pm that day (I know, cos I was supposed to attend it

AsiaStyle part 2 (24)
But as the Q&A went on, she gradually began to de-stone…

AsiaStyle part 2 (26)
Dara is wayyyyy too cute! And to think that she’s all natural (well, that’s what I read anyway). She’s also 29 – she looks 23!!

AsiaStyle part 2 (27)

AsiaStyle part 2 (28)

Minzy was the quietest during the session, and barely spoke a word. Her expression was mostly what you see in my photos too. Ah well, I guess this is the life of a maknae 막내 (which means the youngest / most junior) in the group. The last time I attended a Wondergirl press con, Sohee was also the quietest.

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