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Esteemed CHICs

By Nadine
This summer I'm involved in the CHICs (ages 11-14) and CHIClettes (ages 9-10) workshops for girls. I'll be providing a Yoga session during each of the workshops.
The Esteemed CHICs programs are amazing. CHICs stands for Choosing Health and Integrating Changes. In the words of their website:
CHICs empowers and educates young girls to Be Who You Are! not who others want them to be by teaching them to challenge social rules and media messages which are statistically known to lower a girl’s sense of self. Their workshops aim to raise self-esteem, self-worth and increase abilities to cope with the challenges girls face as they move through adolescence.
Wow! What a fantastic mission. If you know a girl age 9 to 14, I encourage you to check out these workshops on the Esteemed Chics Website.

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