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Edinburgh Fringe 2013 – Samurai Spirit is Here!

By Newwithhashtags @NewWithHashtags
Review of: Edinburgh Fringe 2013 – Samurai Spirit is Here!

Reviewed by: newwithhashtags
On August 11, 2013Last modified:August 11, 2013


More Details Edinburgh Fringe 2013 – Samurai Spirit is Here!

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Venue: Greenside

Time: 18:20

Duration: 50 minutes

Type: Theatre, world music


The performers are highly talented and I was very impressed when they started out. However, I started to find the show quite repetitive as they were doing the same thing continuously for an hour. I felt it either needed some kind of break between acts or more variety in the acts themselves. Overall OK, but has the potential to be an excellent show with a few minor improvements.


Amazing talent but it wasn’t particularly engaging after the first few minutes. I felt so bad thinking this considering how talented the drummers are, but there are a few simple things which I think could have really elevated the show…

Firstly, they could have used the lighting more to their advantage, by making it lighter when the drumming became more intense, or adding colour. Alternatively they could have gone into darkness and had glow in the dark sticks so that we could see the drama of the sticks seemingly floating and bashing away. They could also have a projection in the background which has some sort of story, or even some actors embracing the beating of the drums by acting or dancing, or even doing martial arts. There could have been more moving round between drums, or different instruments used… If the show remained how it is then I probably wouldn’t recommend it because it wasn’t particularly engaging for a full hour.

Edinburgh Fringe 2013 – Samurai Spirit is Here!

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