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Edinburgh Fringe 2013 – Guido!

By Newwithhashtags @NewWithHashtags
Review of: Edinburgh Fringe 2013 – Guido!

Reviewed by: newwithhashtags
On August 11, 2013Last modified:August 11, 2013


More Details Edinburgh Fringe 2013 – Guido!

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Venue: C venues – C too

Time: 15:50

Duration: 55 minutes

Type: Musical theatre, comedy


A musical play about the gunpowder plot. It was entertaining and had its odd funny bits too. Nothing exceptional but is still a good show. Some good singing and reasonable acting.


Produced by a bunch of (most probably) students, this show tried to find the funny and light-heated side of the gunpowder plot. The music helped make it more entertaining, but I found that the backing piano/tunes were too loud as they masked the singing from the performers.

Overall it was relatively entertaining, but a couple of times I was thinking “erm…OK, this is odd!”. It was a bit of a mixed bag, really. The lighting set up really needs to be addressed because some members of the cast were in darkness when they shouldn’t have been, and some of the special effects were pointless, such as a knocking sound which came a few seconds after the actor had simulated knocking…

Edinburgh Fringe 2013 – Guido!

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