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Early Dismissal Meltdown

By Joysautismblog @joysautismblog

Adrian’s school was only having a half day today and then all the kids are off for Christmas break. Adrian’s old school had early dismissal every Wednesday and a few other times through the year and it was never an issue so I never thought to have a talk with him about it. I was pretty surprised when the teacher called me this afternoon saying she couldn’t put him on the bus because he was kicking, screaming, and crying because he did not want to get on the bus.

I went to pick him up and he was totally fine. Apparently after all the kids left he understood and started saying “I missed my bus!”. When I picked him up he asked me “Are we done with school today?” and I said “Yes we’re all done with school today” and he said “Ok, I want to go to the store” So we did!

I let Adrian get a candy bar from the checkout and he saved a bit of it and teased his siblings and dad when he got home. Pretending to offer them a bite and then telling them no! He said to Glen “You want some?” and Glen said “yeah” and reached his hand out and Adrian said “No! Don’t touch it!” The girls took the teasing in stride but Lincoln was really mad. I brought Adrian over and said “Look at your baby brother. He’s sad. Maybe you should share your candy bar with him.” And he broke it in half and gave it to Lincoln. Proud mommy moment not only for the sweetness but the teasing is also a pretty cool thing for him to understand so I’m just proud of him even if I could have considered this a “rough” day for him I actually see a lot of silver lining.

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