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Dunn’s River Falls

By Hblack79

Good Morning!  Did you miss me?  I know, my consistency has been about once a week this month ha, but it’s been nice to take a small break.  I’ve been working on one of my 2015 goals though and that’s getting braces.  It hasn’t been the funnest experience of my life at this point and I don’t imagine it getting any better since all I’ve had to deal with so far are spacers. The brackets aren’t even on yet and I haven’t had my teeth pulled, so that week will probably be the most miserable week, but I do believe it will all be worth it in the end!  Wish me luck.


It’s been difficult to eat a lot with my spacers in, but I’m getting a little more brave as time goes on and I decided to do my old favorite – cinnamon raisin ezekial bread with peanut butter and banana.  It just now occurred to me that I forgot the honey & cinnamon on top.  I only did one slice this morning instead of two because I knew I wouldn’t make it through two whole slices with my spacers in.  I also have some Pineapple Kona tea steeping in the kitchen right now.   I’ll probably make myself a smoothie before leaving the house as well.



Wow… that’s been forever ago!  I still miss it.  I would not object to being on the beach right now with a book in hand and the sun shining down.  It’s finally time to share about Dunn’s River Falls though.  I had been waiting on the flash drive from my cousin with the pictures.  She had the full blown water proof camera, so we brought that with us on the excursion and the pictures turned out great!


We met up at the excursion desk that morning around 9:30am.  We decided not to do the booze cruise and to take the bus instead.  We both agreed that we didn’t feel like we missed out on anything when we did this and it saved money so I could get a massage later in the week.  We met a super sweet couple that had just gotten married, so we stuck with them throughout the trip.  It’s a little chaotic when you arrive, but we finally made our way to the falls and we had a tour guide to start us off.  I was a tad surprised when they wanted us to hold hands during the entire climb up because I felt that if one fell, we would all fall.  Turns out, that’s definitely the best way to go – so we formed a line holding hands all the way to the top.


The guys who led the way would stop at certain points along the route for photo opportunities.  They would take our picture with their fancy camera in case we decided to purchase a cd of pictures and they would also use your camera to take pictures.  It was very convenient.  I felt that the excursion was the right amount of time too.  I never thought it should be time to go and that we were dragging on, but I also didn’t get too disappointed when it ended.  Don’t get me wrong, I could have done that again the very next day because we had so much fun!


We decided to bring as little as possible with us.  My cousin brought a small shoulder bag and that’s where we kept her camera, a little money, and our clothes during the trip up the falls.  It worked out great.  I decided to leave my shirt on because I was a little nervous about my top coming off, but Karla did just fine wearing her swimsuit and never had any issues.  We definitely encourage you to wear your hair up.  It didn’t get in our way and I’m sure it made the trip much easier.  It’s pretty shaded, so although I would recommend wearing some sunscreen, you don’t really need to worry about reapplying or wearing a whole lot.  The water can be a little chilly, so be prepared.


One thing that we were not sure about were shoes.  We debated whether or not we should purchase water shoes or if we could wear some tennis shoes or sandals that we brought with us.  We were 110% thankful once we arrived that we decided to purchase specific water shoes from the gift shop at the resort.  Do not wait until you arrive to the falls and do not purchase them along the route.  They have a place where the driver will stop on the way there for you to “rent” shoes.  They’re NOT worth it, in my opinion.  We were so glad we chose to purchase the water shoes at the resort.  I thought about wearing some active sandals that can get wet, similar to choco’s, but I’m so glad I didn’t.  I would not have felt that my toes were safe.  There are a lot of rocks, obviously, and a lot of places I could have cut a toe or pulled a toenail.


This was by far one of my favorite days from the entire trip.  I’m so glad we chose to do this and I have some really great memories with my cousin!



Can I go back now?

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