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Drink Your Water

By Fitnspicy @fitnspicy

We all know we need to drink water, and lots of it. But drinking plain water all day every day can get a bit boring. I don’t drink juice on a regular basis and try to limit soda to just a few a week. So what are you to do? Sparkling water is an option (probably the thing we use our soda stream for the most), infuse with things like lemon and cucumber, or a natural drop like Sweet Leaf.


At work my desk is at the far end of the building, the opposite side from the lunch room where I need to get water. It’s an excuse to get extra steps but hard to fill up my bottle when I am short on time between meetings. My goal is at least 48 ounces at work (2 of my bottles) and another 2 at home. It can be hard to get in!


I’ve been using my infusion bottle at home (I have ones like these)


Drink Your Water
Drink Your Water


I’m a big fan of lemon, frozen berries, slices of cucumber, even orange and grapefruit. Anything to add more flavor! I’ve also been using Sweet Leaf drops for a hint of sweetness, they are all natural and the lemon lime is so good.


Drink Your Water


With how much I workout I know I need to keep my water intake up. Pretty much everyone knows you need to keep me hydrated or I get crabby.  One of my other major side effects is horrible headaches. All the more reason to drink more water.


Any tips for adding flavor to your water?


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