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Dream Job of Deborah Valentine

By Dreamjobdiva

I have had the very first contact with Deborah virtually via mail and phone in 2008 while we both were involved in preparation for ”Feel at home in The Hague”’ fair. Me as a PR team at ACCESS and her as Coordinator for mentioned fair. Look how the life play with us, now she works for ACCESS and I participate at the fair representing ever since different non-profit organizations :) . We met finally to meet many times more at different occasion…

Name:                     Deborah Valentine 

Country / city:          (originally from Canada); The Netherlands / The Hague  

Dream job of Deborah Valentine

What is your dream?

To live each day fully, and appreciate everything that comes my way – even if it challenges me.

What is my dream job?

Cannot say I can think of A dream job. As a result of my expat/nomadic experience I have done too many different ‘jobs’, reinvented myself too many times to be able to have such a conclusion. What I do know, after more than 30 years being employed, volunteering, traveling etc., is that whatever job I do does have to contain certain elements: be in an environment where there is personal contact with colleagues/public; involve teamwork but also chance to work alone from time to time; and be involved in an activity which serves others. Oh, and provide an income of course …

How did you achieve your goal = dream job? / how do you plan to achieve your goal=dream job?

Network, always meet new people, keep eyes open for new opportunities, be willing to take an occasional ‘risk’ and be ready to help others whenever you can.

What is your tip to others concerning the Dream Job / Life?

Be prepared to reinvent yourself, think out of the box – and take a look at how your skills, talents and interests transfer to sectors you may not have thought of immediately.

Who are you?

My passport says Canada, but I was born in Germany, traveled throughout my life as the daughter of expats; an expat myself; partner of an expat and as an expat mother. Today, 11 countries later, I am settled in The Hague – city and country which now is the one place I have lived the longest – 8 years in a row! Where will I be in the future? No idea. Not bothered by not having an answer to this either

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