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Be a Child in Order to Grow…

By Dreamjobdiva

"Be a child in order to grow to see things from different perspective "
A while ago I have attended V.I.P. training run by Open The Door Leadership (currently re-branded and named AZKUA) were the topics were as follow:

Wow, what a 3 day training it was!!! What a powerful and positive energy and what an eye opening process. Loved what one of as told us " what's easy for you it's probably your strength " - thank you for it.

While discussing the Failure, other person said that acronym of fail stands for:

So lets keep learning!!!

If you wanna know more or you wish to become a participant of VIP training just drop a line to Manuela Damant or Dagmar Hopf - two lovely coaches who run this powerful professional training program.

Love it - happy to meet all the wonderful ladies!!!

The best thing is we all mirror each other as it seems we all have the same fears, feelings and dreams, how amazing, as we can support each other.

    Be a child in order to grow…

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Be a child in order to grow…

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