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Have You Heard of a “Teal Organization”?

By Dreamjobdiva

Have you heard of a "Teal Organization"? Don't you worry till I started to work with my current client, I didn't know what it is either.

It is a new way of working for organizations. According to the research done by the author Teal Org comes with 3 breakthroughs:

  • self-management
  • wholeness
  • evolutionary purpose

In preparation for further cooperation I read "Reinventing organizations" by Frederic Laloux. It's a great, easy, interesting and informative book.

Taking notes make me feel a bit like a student. If we don't learn we are not developing! Preparing for a business meeting - yes I'm a remote / virtual assistant, however I love to have my clients close by. That way we can have a business or catching up coffee meetings.

Even though I would not trade remote work, I still value personal touch and close relationships with my clients. It's crucial for me as that way I'm able to deliver better work by knowing them personally.

As a Business Owner what do you reckon about regular face to face meetings with your remote coworkers?
Do you see any value in knowing personally the person you work with?

Have you heard of a “Teal Organization”?

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Have you heard of a “Teal Organization”?

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