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Don’t Go Near the Full Length Mirror

By Hockettruns @WriteRunWrite

Uhhh, woah…where did that come from? It’s a good thing I’m taking my friend Mike’s 30-Day Challenge, because what I saw in the mirror recently was enough to make me cry!

There were more pounds; and lots of them spilling out everywhere. Uhh, ok that might have been TMI (sorry).

  • It was sad
  • It was tragic
  • It was horrifying!
  • Oh em gee!

Don’t panic; this is only a test! And as horrifying as it might be, there’s only one thing to do:


Run like your life depends on it; and then run some more.

The first part of the 30-day is to run everyday. I can do that; simple enough, right? Well it goes without saying that there are days when you’re a little out of shape that you don’t feel like running. Being out of shape is depressing and it can weigh you down; literally.

But it’s times like these that you remember advice you’ve given other people

and keep the mojo alive! You’ll definitely be reading that post over and over again! Muwaha..

Eat good; duh!

In order to lose weight and shape up you’ve got to eat well. No brainer, is it not? It’s working for the man himself and I can’t wait to place myself in that category. I’m choosing to cut back on salt (salting our food and eating salty snacks is a constant bad habit in our house) and carbs. This includes beer (sniff) but I’ll eat good carbs now and again. Pick your pasta is what I always say. That means shop for the carbs that best fit your lifestyle; whether it be gluten free, 100% whole grain or just not eating bread and pasta at all, do it!!!

I’m trying to also make other small choices that will add up over the long term; for instance, taking the skin off chicken before we eat it. It cuts down on the fat and eliminates toxins from entering your system that are on the skin.

I’m also really bad about taking vitamins; taking them is also part of the challenge too. I’d better get right on that!


Weight loss

This oughta go hand in hand with the first two, and it’s definitely what I’m shooting for. I don’t know exactly how much I need to lose but it is probably in the 15-pound range. Waaaaaahhh!


C’mon, you can do it, I know you can! Pushups aren’t just for guys anymore; anybody can do them. I’ve been known to do 90 girl pushups (that’s the variation where the knees are on the floor) and up to 15 guy pushups (the original version lol) so what are you waiting for?

And listen up, girls: pushups also work your shoulders, lats, and abs which is great for us runners! No, really! So drop and gimme 20….now!

So c’mon, girls, you know you want too…:) I am doing girl pushups now, but will begin doing more of them with my knees off the floor once I get in shape.


This is another no-brainer because I desperately need to work on my core. Crunches aren’t fun; neither are planks, but they must be done in order to perform better and recover easier from long runs. Mike has some great links on his site for a couple workouts you can do.

It’s 30 days to a new you; a slimmer you and one that is performing better than ever! Now who doesn’t want that?

But in the meantime, stay away from full-length mirrors!


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