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Dermalogica Daily Microexfoliant

By Beautifulbuns

For reasons unknown, I decided to go into a spring cleaning frenzy after the Chinese New Year. I’ve been spending the last week clearing out my room. And going along the same line of thought, I’ve decided to evacuate all the gunk from my face by exfoliating and scrubbing and peeling.

Now before you go all “oh no you didn’t” on me, note that I’ve been a good girl. Obviously I still want some skin on my bodeh, so I’ve been using stuff that’s appropriate for daily use.

dermalogica microexfoliant

dermalogica microexfoliant (2)
Dispensing some of the powder/grains onto my hands – the bottle has 3 holes, each about 1cm wide, so just tap it gently onto your hand to dispense a 20cent-sized amount. And remember not to sneeze.

dermalogica microexfoliant (1)
I’m a good girl – I read instructions before using the product. Some of my friends interpret that as a lack of common sense. At times like these, I repeat to myself , “My friends love me, they really do”. About 100x.

dermalogica microexfoliant (3)
And here it is, a paste for exfoliating your face. Don’t overload the water or everything will just flow out of your hands. I know, cos I’ve done that several times when I was stoning in the shower. An appropriate amount would actually just be to wet your hands, flick off the excess and use it (this is based on the assumption that your face has just been cleansed using your normal cleanser).

dermalogica microexfoliant (4)
And voila – no captions needed here, since the picture shows how frigging awesome this product is.

I say…

This is one of the product gems I uncovered during my days at CLEO. Sometimes, we’re so inundated by products that we usually just glaze past them.

  • This is an easy-to-use idiot-proof item. Well, perhaps it just requires a slight bit of agaration (local slang for guesstimate) to add the correct amount of water to the powder.
  • If you’re not good at that, check out Dermalogica’s video for instructions.
  • The grains exfoliate but do not pull or scrape your skin – it’s not those sort that you can barely feel. For those who prefer a gentler exfoliation experience, try the Sulwhasoo White Ginseng Brightening Mask (which I believe has now been renamed under the Snowise EX range).
  • Simply massage it onto your face – it’s a must, must avoid the eye area since this has real grains that could pull the delicate skin.
  • I love using this on knobbly areas such as my chin (which has recently evolved into a minefield of blackheads/pimples due to the erratic weather), the corners of the nose, the nose and the forehead.
  • Rinse off, and you’re left with brighter, smoother, softer and super awesome skin! What’s more, it’s not stripped of its natural moisture. woohoo!
  • What’s more, I can keep it in my bathroom and somehow, despite the numerous hot baths and the sweltering humidity of our country, it never seems to get clumpy. Phew.

One bottle lasts a really long time – I think I’ve been using my bottle for nearly9 months and I’ve still got about 30-40% left.  I think they only sell Dermalogica at selected  facial places – I remember seeing it sold at Plaza Singapura, Aster Spring Origin of Beauty on 3rd floor.

Buy it now now now now now. I’ve already got a standby bottle. hah.

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