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Demonstrating Different Types Of Shots In A Scene

Posted on the 09 April 2012 by Nandu1985 @vivek_arumanda
Types Of ShotsHello freinds, today am going to demonstrate about types of shots used in a scene with the help of a video.In my previous post i have told you about how to do shot division in filmmaking. Before starting this very particular topic i have an idea of making this topic into a big series but due to lack of time i am unable to do so. But here and there i will be posting something about this very topic of shot division since it decides the fate of director. If you are sound at this topic of shot division, then other things will become much easier. So, please try to learn from as many sources as possible. And also one more thing, if you are  directly reading this topic then please go through my earlier posts given below before going through this post.
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After going through all the above topics you will get an idea about shot making,types of shots used in film making. There is still one more post yet to come about types of shots, due to lack of time i am unable to post all those things.

Types of Shots In A Scene

Friends, in my last post about shot division i have told u all that a scene is a combination of different shots, by combining all of those shots into a sequence we can able to see a motion picture with rytham. After reading my last post some of our readers asked me about shot and a scene. So, after doing lot of research finally i got a video which show you the differnce between a shot and scene. In the present video, we are taking a small scene and going to demonstrate different shots with the help of titles. Please watch the clip..this will surely help you to understand what a shot is and shot making is. Please let me know your views in the comments section of the blog.

Related Video

Freinds, because of copyrite issues i am unable to present you the embeded video here. i will be giving you the link to that particular video. Click on the link and also i will give you the link to download that video.
Youtube Video: Types Of Shots
Downloadable Link: Download Types Of Shots

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