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Cinematography - An Important Element of Movie Making

Posted on the 14 March 2013 by Nandu1985 @vivek_arumanda

Cinematography is considered as the most important part of movie making. As there were no sounds involved in the motion pictures in the early days of film making, it was entirely focused on the picture. There wasn’t a separate department for cinematography, but with the new technology and sounds being enabled, the demand for a good cinematographer has increased.
With the advent of artificial lighting, the demand for a cameraman was greater. The celluloid films that were used also were available in different speeds such as films of low speed with ISO 50 was present and even higher speeds of ICO 800 were available, giving an advantage to the cameraman to continue filming at places even with low light.
As the quality of the films improved, the formats increased in number. This helped the cameraman to choose the format they wanted to work with from 8 mm to 16mm and 35mm. For a motion picture, 35mm was largely used. This helped the cinematographers to get high-resolution films to deliver better quality.
There are different types of filters used in filming in order to create difference in color and black and while films. Blue, yellow and UV filters are used often. Another major asset used by the cameraman are the lenses which have enabled to create different effects. With invent of macro lens, this has become further easy.
Earlier, cinematography involved recording only motion pictures on the celluloid film but with modern trends has enabled to use these techniques on the digital cameras which are currently being used. Presently the success of a movie or a film depends equally on the cinematographer. They are responsible for the amazing visual creations we see in the theaters.
A cinematographer requires a lot of passion and equal amounts of techniques and hard work. Earlier, the job of a cinematographer was to only record it on films but with the new digital cameras which are now available, a cinematographer can now explore different effects and create new trends in this stream.
This is definitely an important part of movie making and there are various courses available in different arts’ schools worldwide. If you are passionate about becoming a good cinematographer, you could enroll into any of the course and pursue your dreams of becoming one.  
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