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How To Enter Into Telugu Film Industry

Posted on the 29 November 2012 by Nandu1985 @vivek_arumanda
Hello friends, today we are going to discuss about a general topic about how to enter into Telugu film industry. Many of you mailed be asking about this part like how to enter into film industry, what are the  possible ways. Well, to be frank there is no hard and fast rule for this. But as per my knowledge go's i will discuss few points which may help you in achieving your target. Before going through this topic u can check my previous topic about how to become a successful Telugu film director and how to register your film script at Telugu writers association. Guys always remember one thing, if you want to reach your goal in life it demands some dedication,effort and also last but not least smart thinking. Yes, dedication and hard work in a wrong channel will not take you to a correct destination. So, think smart, act tactfully. Don't be like a blind cat.Make everything count. Always make your presence feel. these are the very basic things to do.
Okay, now coming back to the topic, yes getting into Telugu film industry is a very difficult task. There's no doubt. But, remember it will be only possible if you possess all the things which i have mentioned above. Be very clear about what you want to become and what's your talent is all about. Then, try to gather all the tools which are needed for your journey. Didn't understand..? okay let me tell u more clearly, i will explain with an example, just imagine Anudeep wants to become a director then what should be his target..? very simple to become a film director. But, in order to reach that goal he needs to do number of things. here is the checklist.
  • Write some unique scripts
  • Have sound knowledge about technical stuff
  • Gain some experience under your belt.
  • Follow new film making trends which are being used by top most technicians in the world.
  • Get all the reputed production houses phone numbers, addresses etc.,
  • Try to get an appointment with the managers/ producers.
  • Pitch your screenplay to a Manager/producer.
  • Make it happen.
These are all very simple steps to be followed. But, its not that easy. The same thing applies to the other departments. As per my knowledge go's this is the way to go.

Make Your Portfolio's Ready

If your dream is to be an actor/actress then try to have a good portfolio. This is some what costly, you need to spend at least 10,000-25,000 to make it ready. But its an essential thing for an wanna be actor. So, don't neglect. Also, remember get it arranged with top most cameramen available.This might be a small thing but makes big difference.

Join In a Small Or Big Film Institute

Yes, join in a local film institute which is in your limitations. Y because it can widen your chances.U must need few contacts and connections to get a chance. this can give you some scope in getting some connections, but be very careful sometimes it can take you into wrong tracks. Also, one more use of getting into a film institute is you can add some added skills to your acting. So, its a kind of bridge. Some film institutes have placement facility where you can directly placed under a reputed director as a assistant. So, there is so much of scope in joining a film institute.

Approach A Production House

This might not be that easy, But try to contact the production houses like Geetha Arts,Ramanaidu Studio's etc., through phone and try to get an appointment to pitch your screenplay or script. At least get hold of managers who are working over there to help you out. Many of my friends have done this, so this might be one of the way to approach a production house. Once if your scripts get a green signal u can do miracles. So, always be in touch with production houses.

Maintain Connections

This is a very old and traditional concept, if u know anyone who is working already get in touch with them. Your chance to get into film industry always depends on how many connections u have in the industry. Always play safe. Be friendly with everyone. Maintain some relationships. This can fetch you some chances.This a traditional way of getting into industry which may not work for newbies who doesn't have anyone in the film industry.

Approach A Right Producer

Yes, if u are an aspiring  script writer or a wanna be director then this is the way to go. Its very easy to approach a producer rather than running around useless people. This might be hard to get an appointment with a producer but once if u have a sound script and good communication skills who knows, you are one step away from a debut. So, try to approach right producer with a sound script.

Focus On Different Departments In Filmmaking

I will discuss this topic in detail in my upcoming posts, but for now remember one thing film making is not only about acting,writing and directing..its a package of everything, you have 24 crafts and each and every craft have its importance. So, don't only focus on acting and directing, try to have some knowledge about every craft. Because when compared to acting and direction there will be less competition in other departments. First your target should be to survive then u can flourish. Its that simple :)
Hope you all liked this post. Please let me know your feedback.

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I want become a director with Telugu industry

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hai sir..i need to enter in telugu film industry..Pls give some ideas..still i am trying

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wow sir, nice article.....

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I want to become telgu actor give some tips

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By Shaik Shahensha
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sir , how to approach a director to get a chance because im interested in acting thisis my number 9573775685

By Sai Ram Prasad Pechetty
posted on 04 January at 09:56

Thanq bro.. "First Survive then Surf.. "

By Vishnu Rajupalepu
posted on 31 December at 05:13

wat if someone wants to become a Mix engineer , or a sound designer for telugu films ? also wats the scope of sound engineers in this industry ?

By Akki Tharak
posted on 24 November at 08:45

But, I have a small doubt sir. Can anyone be an actor having a scar on his face?

By Akki Tharak
posted on 24 November at 08:44

I've learned a lot from this Article. thank you so much sir, I'm waiting for your next post Article.

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wow sir....good article....

By Aftab Wazir
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Thank u so much for ur precious guidance I will try my level best I want to work in tollywood I love tollywood

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posted on 29 June at 07:29

Thanx for u good information and advice .I am way of this I have scripts am waiting for opportunity and following this way..