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How To Become A Great Screenwriter

Posted on the 02 December 2012 by Nandu1985 @vivek_arumanda
Hello friends, its a dream for thousands of people to become a good screenwriter in Telugu film industry,this post deals with the same concept of how to become a great screenwriter. But the fact is that we have only handful of screenwriters available for this craft. Especially in our Telugu film industry we don't consider screenwriting as a craft. Every director is a screenwriter here. But the original fact is that script writing is a craft where an individual need to specialize in that very craft to bring quality screenplays on to the screen. So, this post aim is to educate and elevate the importance of this craft of screenwriting and to point out the things that are need to be done to become a good screenwriter. Writing a screenplay is not that easy task when compared to other departments, since script is the heart of a movie, the other departments only helps in supporting your storyline.So, always remember this and try to learn this craft to write screenplays. Here are some tips for doing so.

Educate Yourself

I have told you this concept in my old posts too guys, always remember especially in the field of cinema you are always a student. You will definitely will learn something everyday. So, don't ever feel that you know everything and superior its can damage your career. Always try to do some research on your subjects. Try to learn new things. Work on your subjects. Try to learn basics of your craft. If possible get into deeply. Always be attentive. Always start your script with appropriate research material. If u have zeal to learn you have loads of ways for it. You have so many books which can help you. If u don't know which books to follow here is the best screenwriting books and recommended books for script writers. And, you have online guru's such as Robert Mckee, Syd field who can teach you lessons about elements of script writing,structure what not. So, don't blindly start a script with out knowing basics. And one more thing please don't treat it as a easy way to become rich.

Collect Movie Screenplays

Yes, collect as many screenplays as possible. Reading different types of screenplays will help you in writing different types of scripts. You can analyze that very particular screenplay by playing the movie in the mute mode. Always it helps you in understanding different writing styles.I know that is a difficult task to get Telugu screenplays.  But try your best to get at least few of them in your bag. It will really help. Here are few Telugu screenplays for download Prasthanam ,Oy,Vinayakudu. Also you can collect few well known Hollywood screenplays at

Go To A Film Institute Or A Short Term Course

Yes, its a very basic thing one has to do as a budding screenwriter. Try to attend few classes related to script writing which can help you. By attending these kind of classes u can gain lots of knowledge and minute points about writing a story and how to build it.But here in India we don't have such kind of chance where everyone afford to go to a film institute or a crash course. For those who want to learn key concepts u can browse the net and get loads of data. But reading and understanding may take time. The only best way i can recommend is just buy few books of Syd field if you are an beginner. I don't recommend Robert Mckee since his books are very complicated and have a high profile language so it might not suit someone who is not good at English. Iu u feel that u don't have any problem in understanding high level language then u can go for Robert Mckee but tell you his rules and structures are also very complicated.

Start Writing

A very common thing every screenwriter do is postponement. Never do that if u want to become a screenwriter. Learn the craft, learn the basics and start to implement that by writing a script. Imagination is different and writing the same thing which you have imagined is different.So, always try to write. If u do this regularly then u can find lot of change in your writing abilities. Y am suggesting you all is, i have the same problem in my early days. But i have started writing like what it i can easily write a script that can make a viewer engaged. This is all came into reality with learning things and practicing what i have learnt.

Practice The Art Of Rewriting

Yes, writing is all about rewriting guys,always remember this. The first draft will always look awful. But if u keep on working on it then your script becomes more crispy no matter how many rewrites it takes. Be patient,think smart and take a break if u feel bored but finally try to write something don't stop saying that i am unable to hook the story from this point. Writing writing and writing that is the magic mantra u have to follow. If u stop and feel that u cannot complete the script that's it u can't complete that in your life time. Some times u can't design the characters well, sometimes u can have problem with the dialogues just feel that these are all part and parcel of the game and keep going.

Build Your Network

This is a very critical and very important tip guys, always try to get into touch with production houses, fellow writers etc., try to build a network of yours. I can't suggest you in this aspect since am very poor at it. Though do not neglect this part if u want to become a good screenwriter. Get into touch with reputed producers, try to take appointments with the producers etc., so that it can help you in selling your screenplay easily. These are all the steps to be followed to become a good screenwriter in Telugu film industry.

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