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By Heathernichole
Losing weight is hard, ya’ll. There isn’t a day that goes by when I don’t think about my weight.I have been struggling for years.I started my own challenge to lose twenty-eight pounds by my twenty-eighth birthday.I was weighing in every Friday.Have you noticed I stopped?I was hoping you hadn’t.The scale hasn’t gone down at all.In fact, it went up point two pounds.I want to be honest with you all but it’s hard for me to announce every Friday that I’ve failed, once again. I constantly feel like I'm doing something wrong and I'm always on a mission to try and figure it out. I work out on a regular basis.I eat very well, especially when comparing myself to Heather in 2010.So why do I still feel the need to avoid the scale like the plague?I always want to be honest with you all. So when I have thoughts like these, I feel the need to share them.What's next for me?I'm going to keep going.Even when I've reached my goal I will continue to make new ones and I will work towards those.  I'm not giving up.I will never quit.I just need to let Debby Downer speak her mind every now and then. Debby Downer 
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