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Dance Party

By Kyle Knapp @Kyleknapp5

Happy Friday the 13th!

FABULOUS FEBRUARY Fun February Facts: Feb 13th is World Radio Day, in 1668 Spain recognized Portugal as an independent nation, in 2000 the last original "Peanuts" comic strip appeared in newspapers (one day after Charles M. Schulz passed away), in 2004 the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics announced the discovery of the universe's largest known diamond, white dwarf star BPM 37093 (named "Lucy" after The Beatles' song "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds") and is the birthday of Chuck Yeager (the first person to break the sound barrier) in 1923.

On to the dancing...

Dance Party

One of my favorite things to do with my kids is dance. Our rule is if we are ever unsure what to do (or if Dad's at home by himself with the kids), we have a dance party. Here's a couple minutes of what I mean...

When in

Thanks for reading, have a great day!

Dance Party

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