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Ninja on the Couch, Again… and Getting Comfortable

By Kyle Knapp @Kyleknapp5

I'm sorry to say it's that time again. The time when American Ninja Warrior has filmed its first episode in Los Angeles while I kept my couch warm and cozy. As has been the case each of the last couple years, the lack of the Playground Ninja staring down the warped wall is not terribly surprising since tens of thousands of ninja hopefuls apply for a few hundred slots every season. As the show has grown so has the pool of applicants and so has the plethora of comeback stories and overwhelming odds ninjas across the country have conquered, leaving adult age playground ninjas seemingly uninteresting in the grand scheme of things (but I try and hope each year nonetheless). Once again I didn't get to test any of the obstacles this year as I've done in previous courses but I'm sure they have imagined up some good ones again this year.

So I'm left like the rest of the ninja wannabes. On the couch. Again... now falling asleep like many 40 somethings... 💤

Bright side is I don't have to stay up all night. 🙂

Here's this year's submission video...

So the training continues for next year as the Playground Ninja prepares for season 12! Help me out by getting out there on those playgrounds and let's bring playgroundninja nation to everyone's living room next year!


Thanks for reading, have a great day!

P.S. Good luck to everyone competing the next couple months- can't wait to watch you all conquer Mt. Midoriyama!

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