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Create the Perfect Home Gym

By Lifeasarunningmom @RunningMom6
Create the Perfect Home GymHey y'all! In case you haven't noticed, I love to workout. I love to stay active and fit and once upon a time it was more vanity focused. In my college years I wanted to shed those extra pounds and look good. But as I age and grow wiser (or so I try to tell myself), vanity is less of the focus as sanity becomes the prime focus.
Working out keeps me sane.
In the crazy, hectic life of a working mom with a full-time job, a coaching business, and a blog I need some recharge time and I find that in my workouts. P.S. They have also helped me stay off of anti-depressants as depression and anxiety are ugly things I have to battle. But that is another post for another day.
I have always loved the gym. All the equipment at my fingertips, the workout programs, and the machines PLUS the motivation of others around me doing amazing things for themselves. The thing is, when I could go to the gym there were no scheduled group classes and if I had darling daughter with me, I had to time it with childcare hours on site, hope that there was space available, hope that the staff actually showed up, and get my workout done in exceptions. And I am talking one hour.
I know, I know, an hour is a good workout...most days....but when you are training for a marathon and want to get a good run in plus maybe some stretch or foam rolling time, that hour can speed by especially need to wait for a treadmill!!!!
It all became a bit too much and this momma started building her home gym beginning with a treadmill.
Ladies, you can do it. If I can in a teeny house on Maui, you can. Nope, I do not have a separate room. Just a corner in the living room/play room for my treadmill and some creative storage spots for other home gym essentials.
What are those essentials?
Well, here are my faves (and you already know the treadmill).
Foam Roller - Yes, you should have one for routine loving care for your body and mine is actually stored in the corner by my treadmill (and kinda on it) but I can use my treadmill and keep it there.
Exercise/Stability Ball - I have had one since darling daughter was a babe and use it less now but she loves it. I also love it for stretching out my back and it makes a good chair. I keep it on my treadmill and it is easy to move it back and forth. In fact, this ball even has gone to work with me for a work chair until I started working standing up.
Hand-held weights...yep, dumbbells. - Get them! It took me way too long to truly invest in these. Yes, I got some 1 pound soft weights when darling daughter was a baby and I was trying to get my pre-pregnancy shape back but I didn't truly seen the benefits of them until I increased the weight selection and started using them right. We can talk more about another day. Currently, my selection is 1 pound, 3 pound, 5 pound, 8 pound, and 10 pound with two of each and they are stored under the lounger. Seriously, this rocks as they are out of the way (so to speak) but easy to grab and get to when I want to use them.
Resistance Bands - I use these less but have some workouts that require them and learn from me, invest in them, don't buy the cheaper versions. You truly get what you pay for. I also like having these on hand as darling daughter likes to use them when she does some workouts with me and there are some amazing leg exercises you can use them for. I store mine in a wicker basket by my treadmill. This basket also contains other fitness related stuff like pressure point balls, BodyGlide, hats, and a tote bag for taking my fitness on the go.
Weighted Exercise Ball - I love my 8 pound ball and have used it for fun fitness games with darling daughter and have added it into workouts they don't require it but I want to up my game and push myself a wee bit further. It stores nicely between my treadmill and wicker basket (that is under an end table by the way).
Yoga Mat/Jump Mat - I have been through tons of these from less expensive thinner versions to thick and bulky hard to store versions but recently have stumbled upon a new fave. I got a Jump Mat for bringing my workouts outside where I needed a bit more plush than the thin mat. I recently used it for yoga in the house and it was A.M.A.Z.I.N.G.! It stayed in place (Hello! That never happens!) and didn't smell too funny even when brand spanking new. Yep, I don't like odd smelling mats when doing downward dog, etc. Having a stinky guinea pig cage from time to time is enough. Don't give me a stinky mat. (FYI - Darling daughter says they should invent peppermint smelling mats. She may be onto something!) The mat has grips on it so I know it will stay put when I am doing insane jumping workouts and is thick enough to be a benefit to outside on the deck, on the driveway, workouts.
Circulating Fan - You gotta keep things cool when you are working out and I have a standing up fan situated right by my treadmill, where I need the most cooling.
Now for the good stuff that you may not realize you can get in your home gym.
Workouts! - Yes, you can purchase or stream amazing workouts into your own home so you can challenge yourself under the guidance of instructors when the kiddos nap, play, or do homework. Y'all, this is really cool and I would love to help you pick out programs that are best for you in terms of your goals and finances. I understand budgets! Email me to learn more and yes, this is a shameless plug as I am a coach striving to help others and perhaps earn a few pennies on the side. And did you know -- right now you can sign up for an annual All Access Pass and get all the programs PLUS any new ones coming out this year. This is HUGE, y'all!
Accountability! - Remember me saying I liked seeing others at the gym? I have found that online originally in groups I joined but now in groups I lead. Many of which I do through an easy to use app so we (or maybe it is just me?) don't get sucked into facebook scrolling when we are trying to get our fit on.
Now tell me, did I miss something you feel is essential in your home gym? Tell me about it!

Daily Gratitude: I am thankful for my growing home gym.

Daily Bible Verse: My flesh and my heart may fail, but God is the strength of my heart and my portion forever. ~ Psalm 73:26

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