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Costolette Di Montone Alla Nizzarda

By Steve @hli_steve

This recipe is another great example of failed experimentation of other recipes but the final product is just the thing one can serve this christmas. Now honestly this is not exactly the recipe of Costolette di Montone alla Nizzarda (Mutton Cutlets)  one would think of. But is still a greaat recipe from healthy lunch ideas. I mean only the final product looks different in one way or another but the taste is too similar to say it is not really a Costolette di Montone alla Nizzarda (Mutton Cutlets) recipe. Anyways if you have actually tried the original version of Costolette di Montone alla Nizzarda (Mutton Cutlets) than this will just add to it if not you can at least share you experience with us. Give it a try and let us know what you make of this healthy lunch ideas finest.



  • Mutton cutlets,
  • butter,
  • olives,
  • mushrooms,
  • cucumbers.
  1. Trimas many cutlets as you require, and marinate themin vinegar, herbs, and spice for two hours.
  2. Before cooking wipe them well and then saute themin clarified butter, and when they are well coloured on both sides and resist the pressure of the finger, drain off the butter and pour four table spoons-ful of Espagnole sauce with a teaspoonful of vinegar and six bruised pepper corns over them.
  3. Arrange themon a dish, putting between each cutlet a crouton of fried bread, and garnish with olives stuffed with chopped mushrooms and with slices of fried cucumber.

Costolette di Montone alla Nizzarda

Photo by: karenandbrademerson

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