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Cosmo Blog Awards Shortlist: Showing My Support

By Kittyfairy @KittyFairy
So, Kat's Beauty Reviews did not make it onto the Shortlist for the Cosmo Blog Awards. But, have no fear, because some truly awesome blogs did.
Cosmo Blog Awards Shortlist: Showing My Support
I think that awards like this are incredibly important to the Blogging Industry, especially in the area of Beauty and Fashion, because there are so many incredible bloggers out there, who are all putting in so much time, effort, dedication and real passion into their work. And it's important to remember that most of these ladies (and men) are not being paid to do it. They are doing it for a love of what they do, and a lot of the time, blogging is a very thankless activity. Therefore, it's nice to have an established award that allows hard work to be noted and appreciated  on a larger scale :)
The full list of nominees are:
New Fashion Blog:
A Girl A StyleBuy Now Blog LaterDress Me PerfectLittle Being LittleMorven Cats and RockingNatalie Hartley WearsNoir NouvelleStyle MarmaladeWhat Olivia Did
As someone who isn't really into fashion, this is an interesting category for me, because it has introduced me to some blogs that I haven't heard of, and I've discovered a couple of really great ones. But, I had to vote for the one blog that made this list that I do follow, and do love, which is of course "Buy Now Blog Later". It was no real surprise (to me anyway) to see Laura's blog in there :)
Established Fashion Blog:
Amelia Fashion LandBargainista FashionistaCupcakes and ClothesDisney Roller GirlHigh VennI Want You To KnowJazzabelle's DiaryLittle Bird FashionLlymlrsMademoiselle RobotRetro ChickSara LuxeThe Fashion PoliceThe Magpie GirlVIPXOWish Wish Wish
Yet again, this is an unfamiliar category with only one blog that I'm currently aware of (Llymlrs), so it's going to be a learning experience checking some of these out. From initial viewing, I have to say that I'm loving VIPXO ;)
New Beauty Blog:
25FLondonA Little ObsessedBe BeautifulBeauty AestheticEmily's Nail FilesHolly ArabellaI Am FabuliciousMake Up SavvyMake-up by BextacyMusings of a Makeup ArtistMuslimah BeautyOh So ChloePampered and PolishedSalina SaysThe Beauty BiteThe Beauty ButtonThe Nail BuffThe Sunday GirlVivianna Does Makeup
I'm familiar with a great many blogs in this category, but for me, the winner is MakeUp Savvy. Fee is just a genuinely nice person, who isn't rude to anyone, and I absolutely love her blog, and she is one of those bloggers who has the ability to write a post that leaves me wishing that I'd written it and silently hating her with green-eyed envy ;P
Established Beauty Blog:
Amy AntoinetteBeauty and the BlogDizzy Brunette 3Dolce VanityGet Gawjus!Klaire de LysPearls and PoodlesProduct Placement the BlogSparkly VodkaStyle SuziThe London LipglossThe Truth about BeautyZoella
I'm amazed about how few of these blogs I've actually heard of (just five), but voting in this category was incredibly easy, with my vote going to Zozo of The London Lipgloss, because she deserves to win this, not only because she is one of my Positive Beauty Pledgers, or because she is an awesome person (which of course she is), but because she is so incredibly talented: her writing, her photography and she's just a beautiful young woman who should be very proud of everything that she has achieved!
Beauty Vlogger
Beauty CrushFilthy Gorgeous Makeup
Fleur De Force
Goss Makeup Artist
So Totally Vlog
Tanya Burr
The Persian Babe
It's funny. Watching YouTube videos is really what started off my love for all things beauty, but as time has gone by, I have found myself watching them less and less. As a result, I'm not subscribed to any of these channels, although I have heard of a few of them, and I follow some on Twitter. Needless to say, I'm unsure as to who to vote for in this category.
Lifestyle Blog with Handpicked Media:
Age UK Charity Chic Challenge
Body of a Geek Goddess
(I love this blog name!!)
House with no Name
Judging Covers
Miss Thrifty
Rust and Gold Dust
Sofia's Journal
Squeezed of Shoreditch
The London Ladybird's Blog
I'm not really sure how these blogs were chosen, as in did Joe Public nominate or were they chosen specifically by Handpicked Media? I'm not sure, but there are some very interesting ones here to choose from. All of them, bar one (Judging Covers) are completely new to me, so I'm looking forward to checking them out and seeing what they have to offer :)
Health, Diet and Fitness Blog:
A Girl's Guide to Gluten-Free BakingCelery and CupcakesWelsh Girl EatsLazy Girl RunningLondon CyclistSisters in the SaddleSkinny Latte Strikes BackWhere are my Knees?
Being a larger girl, who loves food (I'll never deny that!), I am amazed that I don't read more blogs like these, which are often incredibly inspiring. Where are my Knees is the only one that I am currently familiar with.
Student Blog:
Arched EyebrowAshleigh DuncanFuck Yeah, Gender Studies!Her UniSamantha AvenaThe Young Creatives
It's hard to believe but I first started blogging about seven years ago, when I was still a student. So, it's weird to see how amazingly far things have progressed since those days when I didn't know anyone else who was a student who blogged, and now there are so many of them. The thing I love about student blogs is that students are still at an age when they're not afraid to challenge things, to question the norm. I think that they're very inspiring and will be a tough category!
Sex and Relationships Blog:
52 First DatesBetty HerbertBig FashionistaClimbing Ritzi's StairsGuys Boys and MenMy Beautiful ChandelierNightmares and BonersThe Virginity Project
For me, this is a brilliant category, and I honestly believe that anyone of those blogs could win it. The fun thing about sex-based blogs is that they can be bold and blunt, and everyone will love them for it, because they have the guts to say what we're all thinking (we're just too "British" to admit it). Having just today discovered them, I am particularly loving the concept behind both 52 First Dates and The Virginity Project, both of which I intend to continue reading. Nevertheless, my faithful vote went to Big Fashionista, who worked her way into my heart as a frank blogger before the others had even the slightest chance, and I really do love her blog.
Celebrity Blog:
Flecking RecordsHayley MerrickHeckler SprayKicketteOh Deary MeRed Carpet Fashion Awards
This is a genre that I have very little interest in, however, after having a quick nosey around, I think I may have to vote for Heckler Spray!!
Brand Blog:
AccessorizeASOSBenefitBitching and JunkfoodBobbi BrownBootsBaby GDonna IdaDorothy PerkinsIllamasquaInnocentKurt GeigerLibertyLisa EldridgeLisa ShepherdLovehoneyMiss SelfridgeMr and Mrs SmithMulberryMylabelPixi by PetraRiver IslandVintageTop ShopUrban Outfitters
In confession, I met this category with a little bit of scepticism. Not because any of them are bad, but because past experiences with some brand blogs has not been that great. They've either never taken the blog seriously enough to update it more than once every two or three months, or they take it so seriously that you don't feel like an actual human-being could possibly be behind the writing of it, because it just comes across as being so cold and business-like. Fortunately, brands appear to be taking the whole blogging idea with a little more joviality and emotion.
Gadgets Blog:
FashionologyGirl Geek ChicGirls n GadgetsWitch Tech
Wow, I'm not sure if being in this category would be good or bad. On the one hand, with there only being four blogs shortlisted the odds are higher that you'd win. But, on the otherhand, your expectations are higher and I think it's harder not to get upset when the competition is low. But, number aside, I love the idea behind girly gadget blogs, and I really don't understand why I don't read more of them. I shall aim to change that!
Wedding Blog:
Adore by ChloeBelle AmourLove My DressRock'n'Roll BrideRock My WeddingWhimsical Wonderland Weddings
I honestly don't know how to say this without offending, so I'll be blunt: this category holds no interest to me what-so-ever. The entire concept of marriage is slightly lost on me, and I personally don't feel like I need a piece of paper to tell me how much my other half means to me, because he already knows (and vice versa). But, I appreciate that for a lot of girls, weddings are a huge deal and these blogs are just beautiful, even my cold heartless self has to admit ;)
Male Blog:
Boy Meets FashionClothes on FilmJoseph TurveyLorien.MeStyle SalvageThe Very Simon GWell Done FilletWhat Katie Wore
Ah, the forgotten and understated genre of beauty and fashion blogging. I think we ladies forget that we live in an age when men really do care about how they look (sometimes more than we do!!), so it's great to see the men getting some well deserved recognition over here! And the great thing is that none of these blogs are the cliche of what you'd expect them to be!
Well done to absolutely everyone who was nominated. Fortunately, there are only a small number that I'm not entirely sure how they made it, but that's of course my own personal opinion. Good luck to each and every one of you, and may be the Best Blogs Win ;) 
To vote, just follow the link, enter your email address (I assume that this is to prevent people from casting multiple votes, but don't worry if you can't decide straight away, because Cosmo will email you a password so that you can log back into the forms if you choose to!) and get voting for your favourites, and of course discovering new favourites to follow :)Photobucket

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