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Core Attention

By Hockettruns @WriteRunWrite

Been trying to focus more on my core to make it stronger and firmer and hopefully ditch the keg aka my belly once and for all. And, the most wonderful benefit of all; I will perform better! :D

But which workout is best? I stick with old-fashioned crunches and situps; I don’t see any reason to change.( Although, if you know of a better core workout, send me the link!)

There’s also the ever popular stability ball; this has been known to work because you have to engage your abs in order to balance on the ball. One of my fave athletes, Lindsey Vonn, loves the stability ball, and it shows in her form! I think this is a great technique, and I like how Mari Windsor uses the ball in one of her Pilates workouts too!

Frankly anything that engages the abs will give you results. Just make sure not to pull on your neck and put stress on your spine!

:) is also a good place to go to find workouts that she does herself!

So as I work on my abs, I’m hoping to be able to run faster as well as farther; I’m looking to expand to 10Ks soon!


Speaking of races, I was thinking about running the Enumclaw Street Fair 5K in July but I changed my mind. I am not happy with how they handle the deadlines for registration. The early registration deadline that will save you $10 is July 1st. The race isn’t until the 23rd, so I think that’s odd. With my last event, early registration was due on the 10th, a week before the race, as opposed to 3 weeks in this case.

Another beef I have with this event is the amount jumps $10 and you have to pay at the race if you reg. late. Hmmmm….not sure I’m liking their way of doing things! I think I’ll go on RW’s website and check out Races and Places and see if I can find another event sponsored and handled by Fleet Feet, like my first event was. They know how to do it right!


So I’m thinking of taking July “off” regarding racing unless I can find something else that is appealing in my area.


Have you ever changed your mind about an event? Did you feel good about your decision? I know I do!

Do you have an event scheduled for the Fourth of July? If so, I’ll be rooting for you!


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