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Posted on the 11 February 2011 by Maria Snyder @MariaConsulting

Conversation, it’s what we do to engage a target audience, isn’t it? Weather you converse with yourself or someone near by, it is part of interaction. What message does your conversation provide? Do you even think of how another interprets what you have to say?
A conversational dialogue does many things. It answers questions, it supports or defends something or it just conveys a message. Part of the talent behind a social media manager is having the skill set to say what needs to be said concisely, clearly and to get a point or message across to either targeted audiences or just to whomever wherever.
Conversation can be a flowing stream or it can be just a trickle. Is your conversation generating interest or better yet curiosity? I’ll go so far to ask does it generate clicks, after all, that could be the ultimate goal of a conversation.
I tweeted a question recently, it inspired this blog post.  My tweet was: “If it’s awkward to engage in conversation effectively, to market wares, what makes you think online will be easier without #SMM?” For those of you unfamiliar with Twitter hash tags, the #SMM equates to social media manager.  I ask questions on Twitter occasionally, often the answers lead to something. Follow me on Twitter; @mariaconsulting
If you already use a social media manager and you are happy, that is great. If you need one or are interested in how I can improve your presence, brand or just keep your wares top of mind, my initial consultation is free.

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