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Right Leaning Knitting

Posted on the 26 September 2020 by Maria Snyder @MariaConsulting

Let’s start by defining some labels:

SJW means social justice warrior.

A cult means a group of people mindlessly believing in something without logic.

Left-leaning liberalism is a movement against modern free-market capitalism steep in a belief that it causes individuals to not be free.  I agree with the author Michael Savage, Liberalism is a Mental Disorder. I don’t want to further define, debate, or explain it.  Please read Michael Savage’s book.

Maria knits.  Knitting makes her happy.  Sadly the SJWs and liberals are trying to take over the knitting community.  One popular knitting website named Ravelry is so anti-Trump they instituted a policy calling him and all supporters white supremacists and will not sell or allow discussion in Ravelry groups promoting President Trump.  Again liberalism is a mental disorder.  Ravelry has lost its mind.

Maria is conservative. I’m so proud of her.  She likes President Trump, so do I.  She is smart and recently became aware of how left-leaning SJW’s have started to take over the knitting community.  Maria and many other thousands of knitters lean right, not their stitches but their political views.  She is catholic and keeps her thoughts and opinions often to herself, she is not confrontational but she sticks up for her beliefs.

Instead of speaking up, she is silent.  I speak up for her rights to knit outside the beliefs of liberal nut jobs who are mired in an ignorant cult of insane views.  The SJW mob is a thing, a group of bullies who function like a pack of wolves.  Unfortunately for her, there isn’t a comparable site and rigorous database like Ravelry’s.  As soon as one exists, trust me she along with many other right-leaning knitters will cast off.  See what I did there, a knitting joke.  Casting off is the end of a knitting project she will leave and close her account.  Expect silence until then.

To learn more I suggest Googling the topic and watch these videos:

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