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Basics to Focus on Socially

Posted on the 01 November 2020 by Maria Snyder @MariaConsulting

Truth matters

The most important of the “basics”, be honest, be truthful, and then apply common sense.

coaching-imageThe problem and the key

There are dumb people out in the social sphere.  Those dumb people have beliefs. The key point is using clear communication and marketing to convince all of your audience, even the dumb members, that what you are promoting, selling or broadcasting is awesome and the target audience must get it.

Simple matters

We have all heard keep it simple stupid also known as the KISS method.  Apply it and apply it often.  Don’t be complicated.  People don’t like complicated.  They like straight forward honesty.  Bullshit is obvious.  Don’t bullshit, exaggerate or mislead. 

Remember when

Connecting to you. Common memories, experiences whether good or bad connect us.  Let’s keep connecting.  In these crazy pandemic times of Covid-19, we need to keep connected.  There are so many lonely people.  Remember when I was nice to my neighbor, asked if they needed help, or just said hi?  If you don’t remember, my neighbor does.

My point

Use these basics to connect on the interwebs out there.  You’ll find that these basics will bring you success. 

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