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A Sad Fathers Day

Posted on the 21 June 2020 by Maria Snyder @MariaConsulting

My wife, our children and I suffered a tremendous loss last August, my beloved Mother-in-law passed away. For me she showed unconditional love, actually, it’s how she was wired. She loved everybody but for me, it was something extraordinary. I’m sad because she is gone and will be forever. I am sad every day. I’m sad seeing my daughter’s grief, my wife’s longing for her Mom, and for me it is overwhelming. I loved her unconditionally.

Yeah, so I awoke sad on this Father’s Day. My father was a non-starter not worth the letters to type a reference to him. My Father in law and others who have influenced me in the demonstration of what it means to have the privilege of being a Dad are whom I look to for guidance, even if it is up to the heavens.

My wife makes my day special even though she misses her Dad and her Mom fervently. One can only aspire who you want to be, isn’t life all about choices?

So how does this have a connection to the social media world? I can not stand the happy xxx day crap on social platforms for dead people or for those who would have never have or had any social accounts. Those posts are all about the poster themselves, their self-pity cry. I for one can’t stand it and neither would have my father in law or others. So stop it already. I’m sick of the self-pity posts. Rant over! Make the effort to thank your father in person, not on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook. He probably wants to hear from you anyway even if it is talking up to the sky.

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