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Social Media Fact Check Fail

Posted on the 02 October 2020 by Maria Snyder @MariaConsulting

Is anyone else looking forward to November 4, 2020? 

Many liberal-leaning voters are out of their minds.  I can’t wait for the election season to end.  Are you sick of advertisements, television ads, drama, and constant babble too? Come-on now…..

If you are like me, my news comes from sources I seek out.  My family cut the cable cord years ago and use a Roku streaming device to access television programming.  We don’t miss cable programming.

Facebook, Twitter, and some social platforms censor content especially content against their more liberal point of view. 

Censorship in any form a game-changer. Remember when Facebook was a social network for all and ideas and opinions were shared?  Any views were accepted, thoughts and idea-sharing were prevalent.  Now some social media platforms are sadly very political, a direct result of the user’s content sharing.  Many social media users update for many details of their lives, some we never wish we knew.  It’s sometimes like watching a train wreck, you can’t look away.  Many users seek drama, cause drama, and ride that drama train.

Back to my post title, the fact check.  Who is behind it?  My guess is the fact check is based on a computer algorithm and a committee of millennials in a huge room all hyper from too much coffee.

There is liberal-minded logic behind it. That should scare everybody. It scares me as an American.

Who else has been in Facebook jail?  I have been and I laugh.  Most of the time my violation is a result of something offensive I posted months ago that causes a violation of their terms.  Most of the time I deserve to be sidelined, my humor is apparently not shared with the committee.  It’s too bad, I can be really funny.

Twitter is something where likes and retweets drive recognition and content.  Violations happen there too. Again I can be really funny, silly even and my humor isn’t shared with their committee or algorithm.  The most recent censorship evidence on Twitter is the closure/deactivation of @kayleighmcenany’s account.  Kayleigh McEnany is the current White House press secretary, she of course is pro-President  Trump and often provides factual information to the press corps in a manner that is fun to watch.  Her violation?  She tweeted about a valid news story from the New York Post about Hunter Biden’s smoking gun emails connecting his father Joe Biden to corruption and lies about dealings in Ukraine. What followed when the New York Post Story broke was a media blackout of the same story.  Kayleigh regained access to her account in the end. I’m not sure if the tweet she sent was deleted or if the media outrage along with the Senate Judiciary Committee started investigating.  I find it scary that a vast social network commits outright censorship and they admitted it.

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