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Conductors and the Power of Social Media

Posted on the 08 April 2011 by Maria Snyder @MariaConsulting
Maria Snyder Consulting at work

Maria Snyder Consulting at work

I read a great article this week concerning accounting. I’m a Certified Public Accoutant by degree and New York State license and it’s taxseason, reading about accounting is important because the environment and rules change often. How interesting that the social media environment and rules change often also. I always knew there was a connection, now I realize there is a conductor involved with both too.
Let me explain. A conductor manages incompetence. Great condutors, instead of demonstrating their expertise, create a sense of urgenthelplessness. A conductor uses subtle signals or inaction to convey the proper dynamic and tempo of the music with their cue.  Their skill is that the music isn’t about themselves but is more. The conductor uses a silent intention that the music about to be played is in terrible need of assistance. Great conductors understand the weekness and rescue the articulation at a moments notice.
People and managerial skills are key in social media management. Conduction of idea, promotion of brand, managing incompetence, understanding weekness and rescuing the articulate nature of a message is social media mangagement is it not? Is your nephew running your social media and are you stressed because of it. Is the band singer’s current squeeze managing the band’s profile pages, what direction do they get? My guess is the singers getting most of the credit, meanwhile the drummer is never mentioned, right? I bet the nephew works for free or is overpaid.
The beauty of being a conductor is to define a goal, recognize the capabilities and energy, use the cue and subtle skill and at the end, the brand, company or individual gets to bow.  And that’s what a conductor….a good one anyway…actually does.

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